Thursday, June 6, 2013

Primitive Rughooking to Primitive Quilts

                                           Pam is doing a great job on her hooked rug

What can I say Life is a blur of busy weeks.It seems like every week zooms by! The last few weeks I have been busy finishing sock knitting. I  know I have to finish Hubby's sock soon. I think I am a little bit of a nut  who makes knitted wool socks for a July birthday? 
I went to Little Jacks second year Birthday party.It was such a nice time.Little Jack had two birthdays one at Disneyland and one with family.

 I finally took my Primitive Quilt to have it quilted and was nudged to enter it in the San Diego Quilt Show.I am nervous but this year Pam who is the President of the San Diego Quilt show wants a good primitive quilt turn out. Since Cheri Payne is teaching at the quilt show what better then to display some of her quilts we have made.

             Don't look too closely it's still a work in progress,
      I still have lots to do first I have to add a huge button on the house.
      Add cat eyes. Clean up the threads and bind in old red fabric.

          I have until September to bind my Sew Primitive quilt.On my quilt there are buttons I still need to put  on so Janet let me borrow her button jar.

My tooth has been bothering so trips to the dentist.It seems I lost two weeks just in teeth pain it kept coming and going. I swear there is nothing worse then a tooth ache. I am slowly getting my hooked rug done. So here are some quick pictures of what the ladies has been up to

                                             Marjorie has been knitting 
                                              infant hats.           
                                                             more infants hats

                                                                    Michele found this

                                                                           and this

Michele is going to Amish Pennsylvania in the Fall

                                                Michele is working away on this cross stitch

                                                          Janice is busy knitting! 

                                                   Did I tell you Pam also makes books?

                                                              Pam's in a magazine

                                                     Here is Pam's web site she has all sorts
                                                                  of great ideas for quilting.

                                                  Here is a picture of what Stephanie's been up to.
                                                        Photo by Michele


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim,It will be fun I think. Lol.Cheri

Julia said...

Wow, your post is full of beautiful homemade things. You really should put your prim quilt in the show.

Oh Cheri, a sore tooth is so bothersome. I remember having a tooth ache when I was a kid. I hope that you will be pain free soon. Going to the dentist has become so expensive. You almost have to mortgage a house to pay them, seriously. They are too greedy for money but we have to go to them for relief.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your time knitting.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia,I don't know what hurts more the tooth ache or the cost.Maybe I'll be forced to sell
a rug or two. Lol have a good weekend, Cheri

Nancy in MT said...

Yes, you need to enter your prim quilt, it's wonderful.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Nancy coming from you I am touched. I will be sure and take lots of pictures of the quilt show in September focusing on the primitive quilts!Cheri

Farm Girl said...

Very nice work. I am so sorry about your toothache. Gosh Jack is already two? Time flies.
I hope your tooth gets better soon. I enjoyed your pictures today. I always enjoy seeing primitive things.

Larkrise garden girl said...

It still hurts alot but Tuesday it should all be fixed.Thank Goodness!

Bee Lady said...

I just love all of the crafty goodness you show on your blog. It does seem like the weeks just fly by. I can't believe the details in those knitted socks, and your prim quilt...gorgeous. Love the inspiration.

Cindy Bee