Sunday, May 19, 2013

San Diego Geranium Society Plant Sale

                                                                 I love a Plant sale!

Wow, I woke up bright and early on Saturday and thought I am going to check my tires and take a trip to Balboa Park for the San Diego Geranium Society Plant sale. The plant sale was supposed to start at ten but there were already people buying plants so I rushed over and started looking at the table of geraniums. Years ago I had a planter full of orange geraniums in my front yard.  I hated them and ripped them out.Well I guess my taste has changed with water prices and I love geraniums. There are so many varieties.and they're easy to grow. Since I  have made my chicken coop into a potting seed starting shed I want to propagate some geranium cutting.
I always need to add flowers to my garden so I decided to join the San Diego Geranium Society that meets once a month in Balboa Park. It is the largest independent geranium club in the nation.It should be fun and you get a plant at every meeting!Wow you can't beat that.In no time I will have lots of varieties in my garden plus learn something new. I think geraniums are such sweet plants and they are pretty hardy flowers so maybe I will have some luck with them.Remember how they made fun of Prince Charles for talking to plants.  Well I think I am one step from joining that club.
When I signed up the woman that was signing up new members commented  that my name sounded familiar. Well she remembered me we use to garden together at the Whaley House in Old Town in the 70's. Betty Newton a popular garden teacher had  a string of us students that would volunteer with her in tending the Rose and herb garden. It was so much fun talking to the visitors and tending to the Whaley garden back then.

                                                       Museum of Natural History on the left

I remember climbing on the base of that tree as a kid.

                                                                      Some examples of Geraniums

                                                                   Geraniums ahead

                                                                         What I bought

                                                                     Geranium lovers


 I am waiting in line to pay for my plants

                                                                 Inside the Geranium show

                                                     These are going in my garden railroad

                                                                      Happy Gardening!


Julia said...

Good for you for joining the geranium Society. You'll have a new hobby to pursue and I'm sure it will quickly become your new passion. I love Geranium and I've started mine from seeds... I love gardening and seeing things grow from tiny seeds or cuttings into nice mature plants.

I love the pictures. It gives me an idea of how big is the show.

Take care and thanks for your visit on my blog.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, You sound like you have a green thumb! I will be happy with starting geraniums from cutting. Lol.HUgs Cheri

Kim said...

Geraniums are a really hearty plant and they bloom all season. And there are so many pretty colors now. It looks like it was a gorgeous day to be plant shopping.

acorn hollow said...

I nver liked geraniums the smell turned me off from them but over the years I have learned to like the bright red ones. They are very old fashion and my grandmother always had one on her window sill.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Geraniums come in so many wonderful colors, they are a great "all a round" plant. My favorite is the Martha Washington, however, in our neck of the woods they have become very expensive. Looking forward to future photos of your gardens!!! Greetings from Maine, Julie.

Larkrise garden girl said...

I am glad everyone had a comment about the humble geranium.I like the scented ones. I have a chocolate geranium I planted years ago.HUgs to all Cheri

Farm Girl said...

What fun!! I love that place. It was so nice to recognize a place in your photos. I stood and stared at the enormous isn't it a fig tree? My husband had to work down there when our kids were all young and I drug the kids there every day. :) All six of them. I think it would be nice to go back and just look at geraniums.