Friday, May 17, 2013

Hobo quilt class and gardening

What can I say I have been on hiatus from blogging.I guess I forgot to tell anybody.
                                                 Our teacher Donna's Hobo quilt
Life has been a busy plain ordinary routine of gardening, knitting, and gardening I once again tried seed starting and I had great success with sunflowers! I am using my chicken coop as a potting shed and it’s a wonderful place for plants to have a start without getting eaten by squirrels and gophers.

This is a really good seed starter

 It has been so hot in the hundreds last week which is scary.I feel were going to have a bad fire season this summer and fall in southern California.There were some big fires last week in L.A.
San Diego county gets little rain during the summer and we have been in a drought for a while so it's going to be a really long hot summer.

                                              Thank you Sunrise Power link grant.My tree's being cut down
                                              I sure hope Crest gets selected again next year.

The tree hackers came and chopped down two huge Eucalyptus trees and topped another. Tomorrow the Sunrise power link inspector is coming over to inspect what we did with our fire grant .I have made a little nature path and have been making a little garden that has mostly geraniums. I had bought a chicken water jug which I am using for wildlife.

I went to Cedros garden with Linda last week and bought a Cherokee Rose which is very pretty! If your ever in Solana Beach that is the cutest small nursery. I found out there is a geranium show and sale at Balboa Park so I am heading there this weekend.
I have a couple more classes left of my knit class and so this year I will have made two pairs of socks and in the middle of the third pair.
I had little Jack spend the night the first time at my home. He is not two yet but he woke up with such a excited smile and said Nana! My heart just melted.

I visited my daughters family for a couple days to help out and it was hard to leave that little guy and my daughter. So as you can see I have been busy but nothing exciting to write about. I did have a wonderful Mothers Day at the Zoo and was lucky they were having a garden festival. I just wish I had taken my camera. The Zoo was giving out free milkweed plant seeds for Monarch butterflies.

Well yesterday was Hobo quilt class and I felt like I was back in the saddle again. Rug Hooking is next week and that will be my inspiration to get something done.

Boy I had forgotten how much fun going to the Country Loft. As I was leaving I saw Cheri Payne . I hadn’t seen her in a while she looked happy. I think Cheri Payne patterns could be easily used for primitive rug hooking so I bought some linen for hooking and a new Cheri pattern.
I heard in Hobo quilt group that  Cheri Payne is teaching two classes at the San Diego Quilt show this year. Check out the San Diego quilt show web site. Pam one of the ladies in our rug hooking group is President. I know she will do a fine job.Hobo Quilt group was so much fun last night. I am being different as usual not following the pattern. I am putting a border around each block. So no trips to wonderful places no summer adventures yet.
But just like they say in a book the magic of ordinary days.


My Path

I pulled out more then 20 wheelbarrows full of ice plant

Hobo quilt of Donna's


Julia said...

Hi Cheri, it's good to hear fro you again. It seems like everybody have been so busy lately, including me. Busy at pulling weeds from flowerbeds.

I love that Hobo quilt. Is your similar. It has been so long since I've seen your blocks.

Spending time with the little one is priceless.

This drouth must be real hard on wildlife too. I sure hope that you'll be safe from forest fires. Our province was battling forest fires that were out of control but then we got a good rainfall

have a great weekend,


Kim said...

What a great moment to see baby Jack's excitement at waking up a Nana's! You've been busy. Your socks look great. You are obviously a good student ;)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim and Juia, I have got to catch up on everyones blog tomorrow!Little Jack is such a blessing.I will square up some of my hobo blocks and show you Julia how I am doing next week.But today I am off to the San Diego geranium society plant sale.It is in Balboa Park and I am hoping they have some interesting geraniums.Hugs Cheri