Monday, April 15, 2013

I need to Simplify my Life

                                                Donna gave this hooked rug to Dee for her birthday.
                                                 I had seen it in class but it looked different.
                                                 Find out what Dee did.

I have been so busy lately! Getting ready for summer and the always fire danger in southern California.
Recently there was a letter sent to me and others in Crest that a grant was available for fire protection from
the Sunrise power link. So I submitted a letter and was happy that I got chosen to get some large trees cut down. I have been getting bids all week and between that took a quick trip to Encinitas to a yarn shop with some friends.
We went to Cedros garden my favorite nursery and my girlfriend Linda bought me a Banks climbing rose for my birthday! My birthday is this Thursday  so I'll wait to celebrate with my daughter and her family on Saturday. Megan is taking hubby and me to Lego Land for my birthday.Lol.It's suppose to be a neat place and Little Jack likes it.
I have finished two pairs of socks and on to my third pair.I am still enjoying my knit class.
I also had a hobo quilt class last week so I was busy gal!
 Now on to my cousins hooked rug I am going to just hunker down and start finishing it.My cousin suggested that she likes just the blue border so I am going to do it how she wants it that makes it easy for me to finish it.
 The weather has been so pretty lately that I have just been gardening like crazy!I have decide not to get chickens right now. I'll  just have to stick with Maulie and Morris.Plus Maulie is constantly eating anything she finds in the yard so I think she would probably be a poop eater.Lol! I'll make my chicken coop into a little potting shed.I probably have enough stuff to keep myself busy.
I visited Dee the other day and she is such a hoot. Recently Donna gave her a hooked rug well she wanted to tone down the flower so she painted the flower with water colors!
It looked good.Who'd a thought.....

eggs and acorns

What Dee is working on


Julia said...

It's good to know that you've been busy and I agree if your cousin likes the blue border, that's the way to go. It makes your life easier.

Cute bunny pillow. Good luck with your fire prevention grant.
Here spring has finally arrived today. It's so nice out that I cleaned some windows in the upstairs rooms.
Have a great week gardening.

Bee Lady said...

Sounds like you have been very busy. I love all of the artsy stuff you've been doing. Why is it hard to finish a project? I did finish a pillow today. I'm getting ready to make some herbal tea and crochet on my ripple blanket some more. Congrats on the grant.

Cindy Bee

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Cindy bee and Julia, Sometimes you realize your to do projects are adding up and you need to just make a list and start finishing projects. I am off to rug hooking tomorrow. I will just hunker down and hook, Hugs Cheri

Rugs and Pugs said...

What a sweet bunny pillow!
Happy, happy birthday. Have fun at Lego Land.
Hugs :)

annie said...

lovely projects!
happy birthday!

Saundra said...

Happy Birthday! I like the rabbit pillow as well as Dee's project... have fun.