Monday, April 22, 2013

Legoland and primitive hooked rugs

 Saturday my daughter Megan and her family celebrated my birthday at Legoland in Carlsbad California. Little Jack loved it and we were all amazed at all the buildings made out of Lego's.
 I should have taken more photo's of Legoland but I was busy holding little Jack's hand and enjoying him looking at all the Lego's.
Mount Rushmore made out of Lego's

                                                  We went on a boat ride!

                                                                Statue of Liberty

                                                           Little Jack loved it!

New England


                                                                          Victorian houses

Taj Majal


This is like the boat we were on

Hubby and little Jack

  Last week at the Country Loft

                                                                       Stephanie's rugs

Stephanie's cross stitch in progress

 Donna's Hooked Rug

Monday, April 15, 2013

I need to Simplify my Life

                                                Donna gave this hooked rug to Dee for her birthday.
                                                 I had seen it in class but it looked different.
                                                 Find out what Dee did.

I have been so busy lately! Getting ready for summer and the always fire danger in southern California.
Recently there was a letter sent to me and others in Crest that a grant was available for fire protection from
the Sunrise power link. So I submitted a letter and was happy that I got chosen to get some large trees cut down. I have been getting bids all week and between that took a quick trip to Encinitas to a yarn shop with some friends.
We went to Cedros garden my favorite nursery and my girlfriend Linda bought me a Banks climbing rose for my birthday! My birthday is this Thursday  so I'll wait to celebrate with my daughter and her family on Saturday. Megan is taking hubby and me to Lego Land for my birthday.Lol.It's suppose to be a neat place and Little Jack likes it.
I have finished two pairs of socks and on to my third pair.I am still enjoying my knit class.
I also had a hobo quilt class last week so I was busy gal!
 Now on to my cousins hooked rug I am going to just hunker down and start finishing it.My cousin suggested that she likes just the blue border so I am going to do it how she wants it that makes it easy for me to finish it.
 The weather has been so pretty lately that I have just been gardening like crazy!I have decide not to get chickens right now. I'll  just have to stick with Maulie and Morris.Plus Maulie is constantly eating anything she finds in the yard so I think she would probably be a poop eater.Lol! I'll make my chicken coop into a little potting shed.I probably have enough stuff to keep myself busy.
I visited Dee the other day and she is such a hoot. Recently Donna gave her a hooked rug well she wanted to tone down the flower so she painted the flower with water colors!
It looked good.Who'd a thought.....

eggs and acorns

What Dee is working on

Friday, April 5, 2013

Guy B. Woodward Museum

Guy B.Woodward Museum is a Museum that features the history of the early West. Linda Janet and I enjoyed the tour and the interesting history of Ramona told by the docents.There were all sort of of stuff from Indian baskets,covered wagons, jail, rooms full of western antiques in this Ramona museum. The home was originally the Verlaque Home the only western adobe of french provincial design still in existence.It was also a donation.

 Knitting,hooking and gardening this week makes me a busy lady!
 Monday I started back to knit class with some new faces.I have been gardening like crazy today and
 it's important while it's cooler weather and before the summer hits to keep on top of my garden.
I'll have fire danger if I don't keep the weeds down.
Now you are going to think I am crazy but I have discovered Dr.Who.
It's a BBC British sci fi series which has been running for twenty years in Britain.
I would never think I would like sci fi but everybody changes as they get older I guess!
I am interested when they go back in history but the space aliens I can do without.

Son of Guy Woodward

                                                           covered wagon


railroad lanterns, firetruck


Honey processing

Bunks,jail, post office building

                                                                                                                When do we
                                                                                                                  get to eat?

                                                                                                                     Little Jack and
                                                                                                                  Easter eggs