Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What a day! I was here and then I was gone...

I had a frazzled day today. Never say a man on a motorcycle won't help a gal. Well here I was driving to the country loft all excited to see everyone when I turned a corner and I heard a little squeal. I just thought that's odd and when I turned to go on the freeway I felt like my car moved differently. Well I put that out of my hooker mind and drove to the Loft. Well I decided to just knit while I saw what everyone was up to. Stephanie was working on a rug for a lady and was trying to find the right colors. So her experiments are all of our knowledge I will post her dye experiments on Friday.
. I had to show everyone my knitting and it was as usual everyone standing up looking at was going on at the table. Well that's when I decided to bring in my rug from the car. ( I have to much blue in the sides of my rug I think that's another post)  so here's  where I saw I was getting a flat! So since I don't have triple AAA I was out the door of the loft with a dash.  I had once gotten a flat on the hill to Crest once and let me tell you walking up that hill is horrible. So as I said Hi and Bye, I was out looking for a service station. I was so bummed.
Now comes the funny part.I drove up to the gas station and this man was filling up his gas tank on his motorcycle and I rolled down the window and asked him to put air in the tire. This is where I thought it was funny Mr. Motorcycle man asked me if I had money for the air. Did you know they charge you for air at gas stations? Where have I been. This man on the motorcycle finished filling his tank and drove around to look at my SUV. I never realized how dumb I am about cars until this man asked me to put the quarters in the air machine. I couldn't find it. I felt so stupid! Then I watched him as he put the air in and I thought I saw the thing that caused the flat it was shiny. Nope it was the little thing he took off to put the air in the tire. I again felt stupid. Mr Motorcycle man finished it up asked where I was going told me to be careful and watch driving up the hill to Crest.The moral of my story is I need to learn how to put air in my tire and I feel for all the ladies out there that have to do this stuff on their own. Oh and another funny story Did I ever tell you the first time I took my car in to be serviced they had me pull up on to the rack at the service station .Well I left and came back nothing had been done. Apparently you have to leave your keys with them. So I am home now missing all the fun. Janet had brought a friend that was visiting her and I barely said Hi.Hopefully she'll
come back to California.Here are some pictures I took when I first got to the loft.I am not as dumb as I sound I am just that way when it comes to cars.LOL! I wonder if Mr Motorcycle man has a wife because let me tell you he never had a smile on his face until he was driving down the road away from me.



Dog Trot Farm said...

Oh my, what a day and learning experience you had. Getting a flat tire while being alone is one of my worst fears. I do take my vehicle to the dealership for oil changes, but I can't change a flat tire, never mind putting air in, I don't even pump my own gas, Mr. Dog Trot handles that. Sad, very sad. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Greetings from Maine, Julie.

Larkrise garden girl said...

You sound like me Julie, I can fill gas but that's it.I just felt dumb. The day got better but I hate asking total strangers for help.Cheri

Julia said...

That's a funny story Cheri. Maybe you can ask your husband to show you how to change a tire too. It could come in handy some day. It's not all that difficult when you know how and what to do.

I have AAA and I've used them three times. Once my keys fell inside while I was closing the door, The next time i locked my keys in the trunk and the third time I had a flat tire because my wheels were not aligned and the inside of my tire was all worn out to the wires, lol .

I travel alone a lot and I'm glad that I have those guys to help me in my distress.. lol

Hugs, JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, Another grandbaby you are so blessed!Yep it was a crazy day, I know I wouldn't be strong enough to take the lugbolts off. I think that's what they're called.Hubby did show me the nail he got out of the tire. Have a good weekend Julia,Cheri