Monday, March 4, 2013

It feels like Spring

This last week I have been working in my garden alot. Pulling lots of weeds and mowing.I can see my Iris are getting ready to bloom . I am reading constantly too and I turned another heel by myself on a sock.I love knitting socks! I noticed a ground squirrel got a plant. Every time I drive out my driveway I see them scampering across the street so what's the chance they have discovered my yard. Ahhhh! Gardening is like a endless humbling experience.  I  think I am in control of my yard trying to make a  work of beauty but I have nature against  me constantly.I know lizards are good critters but let me tell you if I see one more unexpected lizard doing push ups in front of me I am going to lose it.That's the part of gardening that startles me time and time again.
 I have to work on my chicken coop today I am hoping to get four chicks and have fresh eggs again.I looked up the feed store in Escondido and It looks like they have chicks. Maulie has never been around chickens so hopefully she won't be a bad shitzu.Today is going to be a relaxing day of puddling around the Yard .Oh yes Maulie got her hair cut off she is ready for hot weather.Here is a hooked rabbit that Donna made a month ago for a friend.


Saundra said...

Very prety Bunny pillow.


Kim said...

I had a few unexpected visits from lizards when I was in the Philippines years ago. Yes, I screamed like a little girl - everytime!
Your are mowing your lawn.....I can't even see my lawn :)
Very cute bunny too.

Primitive Stars said...

Oh lucky you to be able to play in the garden, to much snow here......more on the way.......Love the bunny pillow, so sweet, Francine.

annie said...

good for you, love the rabbit!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi gals, i thought Donna did a good job. Hopefully I'll have more pictures tomorrow it's rug hooking at the Country Loft.I weeded my railroad garden today and it filled up a wheel barrow!Lol!!Cheri