Sunday, March 31, 2013

Quilt show at the Guy Woodward Museum in Ramona

In praise of Docents. Thursday Linda and Janet and I were off on a road trip to Ramona. We wanted to see a small quilt show that Michele had told us about which featured a small quilt show at the Guy Woodward museum in  Ramona California. All of us had never been to the museum so we had fun in our own backyard. We went to some antique stores a quilt shop before we headed over to the museum.I don't know how many times over the years I have driven by that museum in the middle of Ramona on the way to Julian and never stopped.
The son of Guy Woodward was an excellent tour guide. We must have spent two hours just hearing tales  about Ramona from the docents.The other man I forget his name was also excellent being a retired fire chief we enjoyed his stories too.I never used to stick around for docent tours but now I am a big believer in taking the time to listen to some great local history. We even picked some oranges as we left.This post is on the Quilt show and I'll post pictures of the museum later this week.Have a Happy Easter!
                                         The orange tree on the left was filled with ripe oranges

                                                                       I loved this Quilt

Quilt to be raffled

Bobbin lace

 Quilt show cat

Friday, March 29, 2013

Being stuck on a Primitive Hooked Rug

Well the last few days I have finally admitted to myself I am stuck. I have been making a hooked rug for my cousin and I am close to be doing done but I just can't quite decide on how I am going to finish the border. The rug is for her and her husband  and so I was putting fishes in the border.  I felt like I was getting too much blue. Any ideas on color selection? I am so eager to go on to the next rug idea and yet I am stuck! Have any of you rug hookers been  hooking away and just can't quite see how to end the rug? The idea in my head can't quite meet with my stash of wool colors. Can anybody think of a color I could use that would not make the border become more important then the cabin?
Morris and Maulie playing

Morris of course wants to lay on my rug


so close what to do?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Little Jack's first visit to the San Diego Zoo


                                                                        Lion on the rock

                                                              Children's zoo
This last week was a blur of weeding out ice plant for two days.Buckets of weeds and a aching back.  I  met my daughter in Encinitas and went to some yarnshops.I was over joyed to find a whirligig book at the book store at the Encinitas library. I want my hubby to make one for me to put in my garden. I know one more project!
Yesterday while I was weeding away near my Iris I watched as the  plant disappeared in front of me. I think it was a ground squirrel but I never saw it's face. All I could see was the green leaf of the iris being lowered in the ground so I ran over and started poking a stick in the hole.When you like to garden you have to be humble nature is always in control.

Saturday My hubby had to work so I met my daughter her hubby and little Jack for his first visit to The San Diego Zoo.It was such a fun day. Jack wasn't sure about the petting zoo then he started enjoying the goats and would go up to them with a Hi goat! He loved the monkeys and I enjoyed going thru the large aviary but once we got to the elephants NO Way!

                                                                    Hiding from the elephants
Jacks look of terror as we wind thru the elephant's

Who'd a thought he was so afraid of the elephants The elephant enclosure is huge and as you wrap around it you get closer to the elephants. Well once he was in his daddy's arms he wanted out of the area. He buried his face in his Dad's shoulder and just said NO! After that anything that was big he wanted nothing to do with. He was done. Lol. We didn't even see the giraffes.The San Diego Zoo has a baby panda
but there was a long line. Maybe next time.

                                                              I love the Aviary it's so tropical.



                                           They have sky buckets that take you to the other end of the zoo

                                        Maybe next time I'll get a chance to take pictures of the panda's

                               Well got to go I'll catch up with every ones blogs this weekend,Cheri

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring in Crest

                                                           My chicken coop needs chickens

This weekend it really started to warm up and feel like spring. I love this time of year before it starts to get really hot and become summer. I worked in my garden all weekend between grocery shopping and doing laundry I was exhausted at night. During the day it was pleasing to see people out walking with their dogs and kids. I had hubby repair some of my bird houses so I could paint them and by the time the day was over I was aching all over. Monday was knit class and Wednesday is my Hobo quilt class.Friday Linda and I are going to get together and do something fun maybe run to Summers Past or garden nurseries. I want my garden to look nice to show Linda so I will be working out in the dirt all week between classes.
I am sprucing up my chicken coop with some paint and checked out baby chicken water containers at wal mart.I am reading up on baby chicken care it's been a while and trying to decide if it's worth getting four or five chunky chickens.The first months of being a chicken owner are a big commitment while they grow.I have to keep them warm with a light.When I get the chickens Morris and Maulie are going to be a challenge until the chickens get big!

Have you ever been unable to sleep because you have a million ideas to do in the morning. That was me tossing and turning all night thinking about what project I was going to work on.

I got an email from my daughter little Jack has been invited to be in a relatives wedding. Oh dear I see disaster written all over that! Little Jack would look so cute as a ring bearer but he doesn't strike me as standing quietly or even walking down the aisle.Little Jack is not even two. What was that bride thinking? I had to laugh...

                                                   Every time I look at these three houses I realize
                                          how close the Cedar fire burned homes to the ground
                                          near me. Summer is just around the corner.


Maulie's summer cut

                                                                Fake outhouse

I need to fix my sign. lol!

                                                              side yard roses

My little house that is 8o years old

         Spring in Crest and what I see if I walk across my dirt road.
Maulie loves to go for a walk over here.