Saturday, February 2, 2013

Loving Libraries and other things

What can I say this week I just crashed. I was so tired, cold and worn I just slept for two days. I don't think I had the flu but I think I had a tired out Cheri bug .One night I had insomnia and then I was messed up on sleep. Thursday I finally started feeling like myself.

Have you ever got a new toy you love? Well I got a Nook and I have been learning how to use it and computer newbie me learned to download from the library E books.I had to load several apps to get it going and I didn't even call my daughter for help.I felt like I had climbed a mountain Lol.I was so proud of myself.
I feel like it's Christmas now its raining books.Our library system had classes for readers who got new  reading devices but I had missed the classes in January so I was hoping I would be able to set up my nook to the library. I must have gotten smarter I was able to do it.I don't have wifi  which you need but our library does. I know this sounds funny but thrifty me drives to the library which is super super close to my home.I don't even have to go in the library I can just park in the parking lot for five minutes download my books and I am on my way down the hill . My son in law is going to install what I need sometime but for now this works.I got the idea about the wifi at the library when I saw a man sitting in the library small parking lot which is at the most six car spots. I wondered why he was sitting there until I noticed he had a laptop.So I copied his smart idea and now I don't have to go miles down the hill to go to a Barnes and noble store or a Starbucks for Wifi.
 My knit class was cancelled because my teacher had the flu which worked out well since I was under the weather too. My  Pinterest is doing well I have about 126 people who look at what I  pin. I love finding pictures of hooked rugs and have seen my fellow rug hooker bloggers who have been pinned.The week ahead should be more interesting I hope.
 Do you know how you see big cats in used book stores
Wouldn't Morris fit in.

Sometimes Life is kinda routine and to me that's a good week.I know a million people have e readers and probably think I am a little silly to be so happy about a gadget but I love to read in bed and having a lighted device that I can read and change the fonts so they're larger is a blessing to a avid reader like me.I have loved reading since I was a child I would walk miles by myself to go to the library. Being a lover of books has stayed with me forever. Our San Diego county library system was Library of the year and I can see why we have so many libraries all over the place.There is a treasure trove of books and movies to check out. How can anyone be bored if  they're near a library? I just checked out Midsomer murders and have been enjoying watching them.Well hopefully next week I will have a more interesting week but oh well such is Life.

Here are some pictures of whats blooming in my garden

buckets are blooming

My hen house needs hens
 Did I do that? Jack stood on his new
table's drawer and broke the drawer.


Kim said...

I love my e-reader too. It's a great gadget. I laughed at you sitting the parking lot. We used to see some guy doing that in our parking lot at work (but it turns out he was downloading porn). Seriously!
Jack has a great Oh Oh look.
Thank you for your sweet comments. I will email you properly soon.

Dog Trot Farm said...

What a little monkey Jack is! He is so cute, love those sweet cheeks. Glad to hear you are feeling better, so many people have been struck down by one form or another of this darn virus. My hat is off to you for conquering your nook, I do not own one, but think they are a wonderful tool. I love to read and usually have a book upstairs for bedtime and one downstairs...That is a sweet chicken sign...The only thing blooming in my garden is snowflakes! Have a lovely evening, greetings from Maine, Julie.

Julia said...

Sorry you have been sick lately but glad you are back to feeling good.

Well good for you for getting your nook to upload some book. I'm afraid I'm still using the paper books, lol...

How I love the rose pictures, oh it makes me so happy to look at it because that's what is awaiting under a blanket of frozen ground later on this spring. The only blooms are in my house at this cold time of year.

I love that cute picture of Jack and love the caption. lol.

Have a great weekend


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim, Oh my gosh porn Lol!You are so funny.Keep your chin up you always
have your blogger friends to listen to you, Hugs Cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julie and Julia, They call him a little monkey he is always climbing. Lol!Remember spring is just around the corner and those snowflakes will be great water for your garden soil.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julie and Julia, They call him a little monkey he is always climbing. Lol!Remember spring is just around the corner and those snowflakes will be great water for your garden soil.

Saundra said...

I agree it is a great feeling when you jump a hurdle by yourself. I've had the same experience with technology and feel so smart when I can figure something out on my own.


Larkrise garden girl said...

I'm with you about Technology Saundra. Computers are always a learning experience that intimidate me at times.Cheri