Monday, February 25, 2013

Emily and Pewter

While I was taking pictures at Dee's I had to laugh I didn't even see Emily watching me.This weekend I was busy working on my second sock and third sock getting ready for class on Monday. Sunday I met my Aunt and cousin at Barnes and Noble and had a cup of coffee and a nice little visit.It's finally starting to warm up!
This morning I turned on my computer and there was a funny message from Khandy Franklin the Crest community information lady. In the email there was a lost dog with a picture and the other message was  funny A neighbor had two goats and a great Dane in their front yard. The goats and Dog are friendly but don't know how long they can keep the goats in the front yard before they break out. Lol.
Yesterday we took Maulie on a walk and she was real good til she saw two little girls she ran over to them for cuddles.They called her a little burrito. Lol. Well I am off to knitting,Oh wow I just saw a huge Hawk out my window!  Hugs Cheri 


Dog Trot Farm said...

Good evening Cheri, what a sweet kitty and what a wonderful pewter collection! You are going great guns with your sock knitting, good for you! I hope the hawk does not have designs on Maulie, the burrito dog! Greetings from snowy Maine, Julie.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julie,Emily is so cute. I just got back from sock class. I sit next to the sweetest woman in her 80's she helps me when I get stuck. Keep warm!!

Julia said...

Hi Cheri,
what a sweet looking kitty next to the pewter collection.

I'm glad that you are having a lady to help you with your knitting when you get stuck. It will be nice to have your sock finished.

We are still surrounded by snow and are all waiting anxiously for spring. it's getting closer.

I hope that your Maulie is safe from that hawk.
have a great weekend.