Monday, February 25, 2013

Emily and Pewter

While I was taking pictures at Dee's I had to laugh I didn't even see Emily watching me.This weekend I was busy working on my second sock and third sock getting ready for class on Monday. Sunday I met my Aunt and cousin at Barnes and Noble and had a cup of coffee and a nice little visit.It's finally starting to warm up!
This morning I turned on my computer and there was a funny message from Khandy Franklin the Crest community information lady. In the email there was a lost dog with a picture and the other message was  funny A neighbor had two goats and a great Dane in their front yard. The goats and Dog are friendly but don't know how long they can keep the goats in the front yard before they break out. Lol.
Yesterday we took Maulie on a walk and she was real good til she saw two little girls she ran over to them for cuddles.They called her a little burrito. Lol. Well I am off to knitting,Oh wow I just saw a huge Hawk out my window!  Hugs Cheri 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More valentine's from Dee

                            Last week I stopped by Dee's to see what she has been
                            up to. Dee had a tree in her front room decorated for Valentine's
                            Day. What a clever idea.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My first knitted sock that I started at Sock Camp Port Ludlow

                             This is how my obsession began at Camp Castaway in Washington
                              with my daughter Megan.

                                                              The marina was so peaceful
I would walk in the morning

                                                             The ladies knitting away
                                                        Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts
                                                      and the Yarn Harlot on the far right.
                                                      The Yarn Harlot is as funny as her books.

                                                                     I  loved seeing the cows

                                                                    dyeing yarns

                                                             Socks thru the years

                                                               I loved the red of the barns

                                                                Beautiful lighthouse

Saturday I went for it and I did it I finished my first sock!!!!
I am so proud of myself.I am a determined little knitter.My knitting teacher
Athena says knitting is a skill I might have to work for it but I am determined.
Last year when I went to sock camp and met these wonderful sock knitters I was so impressed
with everyones socks.It was such a fun experience and as I sat there I barely could purl. I thought
I am determined I am going to do this.
                                                 Drum roll here it is!!!

Seeing the beautiful colors of  Blue Moon Fibers and taking classes which were way over my head at Port LudlowWashington was such a learning experience and an eye opener to my daughters world of knitting.
I made a goal and I did it.I took a beginner knit class and then I took a class with Athena at our adult school in California. Every Monday I take a number wait my turn and get help on where I am stuck.I have to thank my daughter for helping me with knitting.I know I was a pain but I can't help it to me knitting is hard and doesn't come easily.  Lol
If the Yarn Harlot is out there I did it! I joined the obsessed sock knitters!

Such a Happy day!!!!                            I don't know do I block it?

                                                 Of course I need another sock to make a pair

                                                            I am turning the heel on this sock

                                                                 How I am doing on my rug

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valley Quilters Quilt Show

My daughter Megan went to the quilt show in San Jacinto near Hemet California. 
Here are some pictures of the quilts taken from her cell phone.  I was busy at knit class
today getting help on my socks.
My teacher Athena gave me a handout on the Kitchener stitch and
tomorrow I am going to shut the door in my bedroom and take a deep breath
 and just graft the toe.
 I swear I want someone to hold my hand while I am doing this.
I messed up once so wish me luck.
I have been working away on my hooked rug at night
I am so happy with how it's turning out.
Pictures on Sunday of my sock and my rugs

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Hearts

                                                            Happy Valentines Day

                                                 This is a quilt my friend Linda made years ago.
                                                 Today I am making
                                                 a nice dinner for Hubby, giving Maulie
                                                 a dog Bath which she
                                                 loves after it's over and
                                                 Thinking what a blessed Life I have with
                                                 friends and Family,
                                                 Hugs to you all Cheri


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Grand Country Quilters shop

                                                                 Quilts Quilts Quilts

Friday Linda and I were off and running to some quilt stores in North County.
Linda had seen a quilt store sign near San Marcos and she suggested that we check it out.
Here are some pictures of Grand Country Quilters quilt shop. I thought they had alot of primitive fabrics
also they carried Cheri Payne patterns. We had such a fun time even though it was a rainy day it still was a fun day.I know your all digging out from the winter storm so sit back get a cup of tea and look at some pretty quilts at a quilt shop.

I love the lime color

                                                           I love orange color and blue in a quilt


Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Hearts


There is something about February

Michele has been busy she made a little heart pin keep for Dee's Birthday
The other heart is a small wool quilt that was hanging on the wall at the Country Loft
on Tuesday.
I am almost done knitting my first sock.I can't believe it!
I am getting closer to the toes.Wow!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Loving Libraries and other things

What can I say this week I just crashed. I was so tired, cold and worn I just slept for two days. I don't think I had the flu but I think I had a tired out Cheri bug .One night I had insomnia and then I was messed up on sleep. Thursday I finally started feeling like myself.

Have you ever got a new toy you love? Well I got a Nook and I have been learning how to use it and computer newbie me learned to download from the library E books.I had to load several apps to get it going and I didn't even call my daughter for help.I felt like I had climbed a mountain Lol.I was so proud of myself.
I feel like it's Christmas now its raining books.Our library system had classes for readers who got new  reading devices but I had missed the classes in January so I was hoping I would be able to set up my nook to the library. I must have gotten smarter I was able to do it.I don't have wifi  which you need but our library does. I know this sounds funny but thrifty me drives to the library which is super super close to my home.I don't even have to go in the library I can just park in the parking lot for five minutes download my books and I am on my way down the hill . My son in law is going to install what I need sometime but for now this works.I got the idea about the wifi at the library when I saw a man sitting in the library small parking lot which is at the most six car spots. I wondered why he was sitting there until I noticed he had a laptop.So I copied his smart idea and now I don't have to go miles down the hill to go to a Barnes and noble store or a Starbucks for Wifi.
 My knit class was cancelled because my teacher had the flu which worked out well since I was under the weather too. My  Pinterest is doing well I have about 126 people who look at what I  pin. I love finding pictures of hooked rugs and have seen my fellow rug hooker bloggers who have been pinned.The week ahead should be more interesting I hope.
 Do you know how you see big cats in used book stores
Wouldn't Morris fit in.

Sometimes Life is kinda routine and to me that's a good week.I know a million people have e readers and probably think I am a little silly to be so happy about a gadget but I love to read in bed and having a lighted device that I can read and change the fonts so they're larger is a blessing to a avid reader like me.I have loved reading since I was a child I would walk miles by myself to go to the library. Being a lover of books has stayed with me forever. Our San Diego county library system was Library of the year and I can see why we have so many libraries all over the place.There is a treasure trove of books and movies to check out. How can anyone be bored if  they're near a library? I just checked out Midsomer murders and have been enjoying watching them.Well hopefully next week I will have a more interesting week but oh well such is Life.

Here are some pictures of whats blooming in my garden

buckets are blooming

My hen house needs hens
 Did I do that? Jack stood on his new
table's drawer and broke the drawer.