Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just imagine

Lets see well I have so busy the beginning of this New Year! My daughter was sick so I was at her house for about three days.I finished my first knitted hat I am so proud of myself. I had a wonderful day visiting my girlfriend Linda. We knitted away had tea and had such a relaxing day as I worked on my sock and she worked on a dog sweater.I also have been working on my cabin rug hooking project. I finished the main part and now I am doing the sides of my rug.
In Southern California it has been really cold in the thirty's at night we even have frost warnings.I know were mere babies when it comes to the cold compared to the rest of the country but I am sure it's a different cold.When I lived in Wyoming it could be in the teens and it was still a nice day.All I can say is Morris is next to the wood burning stove.I went to the Country Loft open house for the new classes. I signed up for Hobo Quilt again. I am making some headway on my quilt!I love my knit class and started my on line weaving class.I feel like such a student this year.I went to a tea shop yesterday and my friend suggested a tea called Yorkshire gold her friend likes it so I hope I will. I like Earl Grey alot. Now I want to find a tea set because I have rediscovered tea. I think because it has been so cold I have been drinking herbal teas all day to warm up.

I am happy to say I have a lot of people liking me on pinterest. I have some really neat primitive antiques to look at. I have a whole bunch of rug hooking pictures I have collected I still can pin!
The title of my post is just imagine because I can't load pictures!
I cleared my cookies and did everything kept waiting for Blogger to fix it it.It's a blogger problem so here I sit a camera full of pics and know where to post. Hopefully I will soon be back in the saddle posting pics but until then just imagine.I just wonder should I continue to write a post during the week, it is pretty boring with no pictures you tell me if I should bother.Hugs Cheri


acorn hollow said...

you have been busy! It all sounds like fun toay It was 40 we thought it was beautiful Jan in New England should be very cold.
I had touble up loading I changed to google chrome and it helped I can now up load pictures

Saundra said...

Cheri, many of us have had Blogger problems with loading pictures. Have you downloaded Google Chrome? If not, do that and then you'll have to update your blog each time by clicking on the Chrome icon to do your blog updates. Bet'cha that will work then.


Dog Trot Farm said...

Cheri, I am sorry to read your daughter has been so ill, I hope she is on the mend and feeling like herself soon. You have been attending so many wonderful classes, my goal is to learn how to knit baby mittens, have you attempted this yet? I remembered you were very successful with knitting socks...The weather is damp, foggy, and dreary here in Maine, a day to work on my hooked mat and finish the ironing...Have a lovely evening, blessings, Julie.

Julia said...

Hi Cheri, it seems like you've been very busy lately. Being busy sure makes the winter go faster.

I hope that your daughter is feeling better.

Too bad you can't upload the pictures. You may want to visit Cosy Blanket blog. Debby was telling how to use HTML to upload the photos on her blog. It was on January 8. It might help you. She such a sweet lady.

Let me know if she can help.
Hugs, JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks gals for all the information. Maybe one of those things will work.Another blogger said the html isn't working either.
Julie,I haven't tried mittens but I have been taking a class on craftsy and on line craft site that has all sorts of classes. I did see a mitten book at Joann's.I usually wait til the class goes on sale.Also look for u tube videos on knitting.HUgs Cheri