Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pictures from the Country loft Tuesday rug hooking group

Well I don't know what it is for me but lately my best plans for the new week go bye bye! I have been out of town for about four days.I missed rug hooking Tuesday but Michele took some pictures. Thank you Michele!
The ladies of our rug hooking group have been very busy since we last met. Michele had some more pictures from our Christmas potluck that were still in her camera so here are some repeat pictures.

Today it rained all the way home .The I15 freeway in southern California is nuts everyone drives super fast. I was all set to leave Friday when the rain wouldn't let up and  frankly was a little nervous for the long drive home.I am glad I waited there were over 200 accidents on Friday. I don't say this lightly but for some reason Southern California drivers can't drive in the rain.The freeway was a mess today it was also foggy and I was a little worried when the fog was becoming thick past Temecula. Maulie was my dog side kick and believe me she won't miss that little Jack.Every minute I would catch little Jack laying on her and she is a little shitzu! That little boy Jack says the word No,Stop and Get down real well now .Lol!

There is nothing sweeter then a little toddler in his pajama's first thing in the morning before he gets going and bouncing off the walls. I mean that literally. Lol!Little Jack has to climb on everything and balance during the day.

                                                    Another picture of Stephanie's antique doll

                          Donna is making a purse from a pattern she got in Pennsylvania

It is so nice tonight to have a fire going and just be able to veg and play with my nook.My daughter loves her ipad and so she gave me her nook! I love it. I have been reading books all day and playing angry birds app. How silly of me.I'm tired I can't even think of anything to say but there's no place like home.

Some of the gals at Christmas

Michele's hooked chair pad

                                                          Pam's baby quilt

                                                                 Nice small quilt

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Yarn Harlot Prediction

When I went to sock camp last year Stephanie Pearl-McPhee who is the the Yarn Harlot wrote in my book obsession is normal!
 Well she was right.

Knitting is my obsession.I have been diligently working away on my socks and I seem to be getting faster at knitting. I have decided to give my self a goal of having  the first sock of each pair I am making done by mid February. Then I'll have to start all over and do the second sock for both of them.Yikes. By then I will be more comfortable at what I am doing.
 I also have decided to give my cabin hooked rug to my cousin and her hubby so I have got to get that done pronto.There is something about putting it down in writing to keep you on track.
 Baby Jack got his first boy haircut and it didn't go well. I got a call from my daughter how much crying he did.There were Big crocodile tears I think he thought he was getting a shot or something

                                                 Little Jack is recovering from his haircut

.Last week was a busy week my Aunt Sophie and cousin visited me. My cousin hadn't been to my house in years. It was fun to show my Aunt and cousin what I am working on.

 I have my Nana's hutch and it was fun to show it to my Aunt who is in her late 80's her mothers hutch .Every time I see my Aunt is is such a sweet reminder of my late Dad. My aunt gave such a nice compliment she mentioned what a hard worker my dad was and how I am too.It made me smile
I also met up with some rug hooker friends to help decide what color to hook my fish..So I am going to hook a fish or two in my cabin rug.This Tuesday the Country Loft rug hooker group is meeting so I should have lots of pictures.I wonder what the girls have been doing?

I am addicted to pinterest I have more people following my pinterest then my blog. Lol.
I love finding primitive pictures of antiques,Quilts,rug hooking.
Well your caught up with me I'll have to check on all of you and see what you all have been doing.Oh here are some quick pictures of Hubby's train room. Last time little Jack went in there he said Wow! Lol.

                                          I think this is going to be my next rug a Cheri Payne design

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Leontien and her Four Leaf Clover Tales blog

I know I am not the only blogger that would read Leontiens blog about her wonderful dairy and her fight with cancer.
Leontien died last week and I just found out today would have been Leontiens 34th birthday.I am sure I am not the only person who feels sad about her passing .Leontien was a person  I never met or talked to in person and yet Leontiens words caught and touched my heart. Sometimes she would comment on something I was saying and she always had a positive word. I truly am sad for her passing and I feel like I lost a friend. Such a wonderful person she was and I hope that her words will live on. I feel like I learned so much from her wit and courage and sense of humor in facing this beast of cancer.So tonight when I lay my head on my pillow I will say a prayer for Leontien knowing that she is free of pain.  Leontien may have only had a brief 33 years on this earth but she spent them so well!  Leontien left a lasting mark on me on how to live life with passion and purpose, such a wonderful writer and truthfully I know I will never look at cows the same way.
Hugs and  Prayers for her family Cheri

Monday, January 14, 2013

Quilts, Knitting and Rug hooking

Here are the pictures of what I couldn't post yesterday. Saturday Country Lofts  new class schedule was out and  the shop was full of women signing up for classes.It was hard to take pictures because of the crowd but I tried.

I'm back I downloaded Google chrome and it worked.
So here are the pictures I was unable to load.This is my first knitted hat.
This is a darling gift from my friend Linda. She was on vacation and stopped in Cambria. Hearts Ease was a shop I loved to visit whenever we were on vacation. Linda was so thoughtful and bought  the garden stone at Hearts Ease. 

I am progressing slowly on my rug but I am getting there.

                                                          I am still plugging away on my sock.

My new sock

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Just imagine

Lets see well I have so busy the beginning of this New Year! My daughter was sick so I was at her house for about three days.I finished my first knitted hat I am so proud of myself. I had a wonderful day visiting my girlfriend Linda. We knitted away had tea and had such a relaxing day as I worked on my sock and she worked on a dog sweater.I also have been working on my cabin rug hooking project. I finished the main part and now I am doing the sides of my rug.
In Southern California it has been really cold in the thirty's at night we even have frost warnings.I know were mere babies when it comes to the cold compared to the rest of the country but I am sure it's a different cold.When I lived in Wyoming it could be in the teens and it was still a nice day.All I can say is Morris is next to the wood burning stove.I went to the Country Loft open house for the new classes. I signed up for Hobo Quilt again. I am making some headway on my quilt!I love my knit class and started my on line weaving class.I feel like such a student this year.I went to a tea shop yesterday and my friend suggested a tea called Yorkshire gold her friend likes it so I hope I will. I like Earl Grey alot. Now I want to find a tea set because I have rediscovered tea. I think because it has been so cold I have been drinking herbal teas all day to warm up.

I am happy to say I have a lot of people liking me on pinterest. I have some really neat primitive antiques to look at. I have a whole bunch of rug hooking pictures I have collected I still can pin!
The title of my post is just imagine because I can't load pictures!
I cleared my cookies and did everything kept waiting for Blogger to fix it it.It's a blogger problem so here I sit a camera full of pics and know where to post. Hopefully I will soon be back in the saddle posting pics but until then just imagine.I just wonder should I continue to write a post during the week, it is pretty boring with no pictures you tell me if I should bother.Hugs Cheri