Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas spirit with Dee the Lady Woodcarver and Emily her Cat

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Once upon a time there was a Lady woodcarver named Dee that lived in a wonderful magical
house that opened its doors all thru the years to the endless friends and family that came to visit her. Today Emily the Cat heard the large wooden gate slowly open as a happy little California primitive rug hooker came in carrying her basket filled with hooked rugs to share.
Emily wondered why does everyone that goes thru the wooden gate smile so bright ? From the kind friendly mailman to Moses the little boy who played in the primitive garden everyone seemed so happy when they visited Dee. Moses was about two and every cat knows you have to watch little boys of two very carefully.Emily always liked to see Moses as he left the magical
house throw a goodbye kiss to Dee as he walked out the wooden gate.
When ever Dee would work on her carving Emily would peer into the wood shop windows and watch Dee working diligently away. Emily knew that if people kept busy with their hands they would be satisfied and content as a cat with a saucer of milk.
 Today Emily  watched as Dee went from room to room getting ready for the visitor that was coming to visit. The cookies and hot Cocoa were ready!

                                  Emily was thinking Dee's not bringing out her cat snack yet  . hummmm..

  Lady woodcarvers at Christmas like to spend time bring out their Christmas Angels.
Since there are just a few lady woodcarvers these Angels are extra special!
 Emily thought maybe Dee's forgetting to put them away because it seems like Dee's Angels watched over the big country house thru out the year!

 Emily loved playing in Dee's primitive garden and watching as Dee dragged wooden branches around  working in her garden. Even though Emily was a city cat she felt like she was in the wild country playing in the logs racing around pretending she was a wild country cat.
Emily thought of Dee's pretty warm hooked rugs and hoped she would put down another one on the cold brick floor next to the fireplace this Christmas .
On cold winter night's Emily would watch Dee work tirelessly away in her chair.For some reason Dee liked to work on a small piece of cloth and pieces of thread making little pictures with her little needles.They were so tiny those tiny little holes in the cloth no wonder she needed her glasses.

 Emily knew it was getting close to Christmas she could tell by the endless visitors and realized maybe she too needed to get in the holiday spirit.
Suddenly as Emily watched she saw something go
by the wooden paned window. Emily's ears perked up and  realized she had her very own visitor.There  in front of her was a pitch black cat that needed  a bit of holiday cheer.
Emily hated sharing her treats and watched warily as the black cat saw her empty plate.Maybe it was a good thing that Dee had a visitor in the home today!

The primitive rug hooker was smiling brightly at all of Dee's things that she had made thru the years. As Dee's friend moved around the house Emily could see how the magical house was making  her smile and laugh and be filled with the holiday spirit. What was in that Cocoa!

Emily looked up at the big comfy house with the blue door and thought to herself doesn't every one have leaves and bittersweet on their Christmas tree .

                            The pretty soft twinkly lights on Dee's green pine tree
                           reminded Emily how very lucky she was to live in this magical
                           home during the Christmas season.

                                           Emily the cat was ready for Christmas she had found the
                                           spirit of Christmas of sharing,kindness and
                                           giving of yourself. Emily was going to wait by her cat dish
                                           purring away waiting for her new cat friend to return and enjoy
                                           the Christmas season with her.Merry Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed my little child story. Dee makes birdhouses, hooked rugs paints cross stitch , wood carves
she is a wonder and best of all she is such a kind sweet person.It was such a fun time I did enjoy the cookies.Yum  Hugs Cheri


Rugs and Pugs said...

Thank you for the tour! What a talented lady.
Hugs :)

Julia said...

Thanks for the Christmas house tour of your carver friend, Dee and her cat. She has lots and lots of primitive decors.

I like how you turned your comments into a cute story.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Gals, Dee was tickled about the story I did last year.I hope she enjoys this one.Hugs Cheri

Nancy in MT said...

Cheri, I so loved your story and the wonderful tour.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Nancy, Dee is such a talented person and I love that she is so creative and the sweetest person.It was such a fun day!Have a wonderful Christmas Nancy!Hugs Cheri

Saundra said...

I got so caught up in the pictures and the wonderful old looking hooked rugs and now I have to go back thru and finish reading.

Would love to know if the hooked pieces are old or just the talent of the Dee to make them look old.

Thank Dee for allowing us to visit in her home.



Kim said...

Cheri, this place is just magical. There is almost too much to look at. I bet you could go there day after day and always see something new! Thanks for the tour :)

annie said...

Wow! Everything is just so amazing, the photos are wonderful!! Such talent & creativity! Thank you for sharing!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Annie and Kim, It is so fun to visit Dee she always make you feel welcome. I always come away with Ideas from her.She has an artist eye. Hugs Cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Saundra,Dee makes her rugs look old.I don't think she even uses a hoop when hooking.I'll have to ask her next time I talk to her.
Hugs Cheri

Three Sheep Studio said...

What a grand tour !
Creativity around every corner...
Thanks so much for sharing.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Your welcome Rose!Hugs Cheri