Sunday, December 16, 2012

Antique doll, Cross stitch, and a grandmothers gift

We had a super rainy day on Thursday the wood burning stove was going all day and my girlfriend Linda came over. I had made some ham soup and it was so  tasty. I am not a soup person but when the weather is cold it's wonderful to have a bowl of something hot.Here are the pictures from our Christmas rug hooking party.It was a fun great time with my friends.

                                                        This is an antique doll Stephanie picked up on a trip back east

                                                             Don't you love the blue color.

                                                     Look at the details of this little doll

                                           Little boxes with antique material covering them.

                                                        What pretty antique material!

                                                           Stephanie's cross stitch

Pam was busy quilting

The front of Pam's quilt

Great backing

                                                                 Michele's work

                                         Marjorie made this for her granddaughter for Christmas

                          This is an antique pocket
                          Stephanie bought this on her trip.
                          Ladies would wear these over their skirts

                                                                It is very very old
                                                                The back of the pocket

Today Hubby and I baby sat my grandson Jack. When did toddlers become so energetic? Little Jack reminds me of Bam Bam from the Flintstones he is going constantly moving and dropping things .I had to laugh Megan and Mike came over and they just sat there almost falling asleep while we watched Jack.
 I have small Christmas trees all over the house and he was enjoying taking off the ornaments and racing around my table.Grandpa was his favorite person of the day. I never knew a man's watch could keep a little boy so fascinated.Jack just kept touching his grandpa's arm and fiddling with the big watch. It was such a precious time with him and his parents.We were celebrating Megan's belated birthday.I actually made a knitting bag for her and call me crazy but I lined it!
 Another of her presents was a long skinny bag I made for her for her long knitting needle.One of the days mishaps was a rookie grandma mistake.
I accidentally left a crystal light drink on the edge of the table and yes you guessed it Little Jack grabbed it and had crystal light all over him. Jack was howling and thank goodness for a change of clothes.Then it was time to have our time with Jack!
The parents were gone for about three hours and we had him all to our selves.When Jack left  to go home the blocks were all over the place. Jack's rocking chair was upside down and  every crock I had was upside down and contents turned over!
 Maulie was tired of being stepped on and my back was aching but oh what a wonderful day!  Jack did take a nap on me and I am embarrassed to say I fell asleep holding him.Hubby and I were watching a program we had recorded and when I awoke it was over and Jack was still asleep on me. What a blessing this little guy is!I am sure I am not the only one hugging their little ones a little tighter these days.


Bee Lady said...

First of all, I love all of the hand mades. I've got to tell my friend Beth about that pocket. She teaches classes on making things like those antique pockets. I wonder if we should try to bring them back and stop carrying purses! I wonder if I would have such an obsession with them like I do purses!
I know exactly what you mean about hugging Jack a little tighter. I had four of my nieces for the weekend and I feel so blessed to have them.

Cindy Bee

PS - love the wooden crows. We used to have two of those and they were on metal rods. We put them on our garden fence. THey have fallen apart over the years.

Kim said...

Aww, there is nothing better than a child falling asleep in your arms! Sounds like a great day, but exhausting :)
Loved seeing everyones craft projects too. The doll's bloomers made me giggle.

Saundra said...

Never knew those antique pockets were that large, interesting. Love all the things you showed; the antique dolly is great and love the fabric covered bandboxes and quilts.


Julia said...

What a lovely post today. Great pictures of little treasures. This is the first time I see the kind of apron pocket you showed. It would come handy to quickly pick up stuff that are not where they should be as one goes around tiding up.

Love the little cross stitch pinkeeps.

The little one can soon tell us how slow we are getting as we age.
I'm so glad that you had your little grandson to hug and nap together.
Here's a hug for you and little Jack.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Gals,I think I fell asleep because it was cold and so I had a fire going in my woodburning stove.We also have a next door neighbor that's dogs are barking all night for the last two nights. Lol! The house was so toasty and homey with that little child in my arms.
hugs Cheri

My Vintage Life said...

Enjoyed reading about the busyness of a toddler! You are truly blessed! Each and every thing that was mades is so beautiful!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thank you for the kind words.My daughter Megan went thru so much to have little Jack.Hugs Cheri