Saturday, November 24, 2012

Crestridge Hike with Hubby and Maulie

What an interesting view

 Nature can be stark at time especially where there is little water.Were having a very mild winter in Southern California.I still can see beauty on this hike today where others might not.The hike was a loop and as we were hiking we could hear the wild birds around us.We saw a couple of bunnies running across the trail.I just had to get out of the house for a walk today
just to clear my over thinking head. Sometimes I feel like my thoughts are like my hike one big loop!After the hike I was tired Maulie was panting and since the hiking trail is so close to home it's perfect.
I have been busy knitting on my hat and visiting knitting stores. Knitting class is almost over and I loved it.  Today my daughter signed me up for a sock class on line. It's great you can see the video as many times as you want and even have contact with the teacher. Last week a friend invited me over for breakfast. I needed to get off the hill so it was a nice treat. My girlfriend made the best french toast that you bake in the oven.The french toast is made a day ahead and twenty minutes in the oven. I am seeing her Tuesday at hooking if anybody wants the recipe I'll ask her for it and post it.
No milk is used I think she said she used orange juice.It was so yummy! The Country Loft is decorated for Christmas so I'll get some pictures for my blog.
 I am also reading a book about Mary Todd Lincoln.It's got a zillion pages.Do I have enough things to do or what?  

                                                 Different shades of native plants

                                   We could see horseback riders in the distance

                                                     On top of the ridge looking down
Hubby said this was a crow it sure seemed bigger then a crow.

                                                              Looking down at Lake Jennings area

For some reason I like boulders

spooky tree

Look at all the dirt on Maulie she was waiting for me to catch up!

            My hat so far were going to learn how to finish it on Wednesday.


Julia said...

Hi Cheri, The view from the hill is spectacular, you can see for miles and the sky is so blue. Maulie might have to shake the dust outside before she goes in the house...

The black bird might be a raven. Ravens are larger than crows and the tail ends in a "V shape and they make the sound "ROCK" . The crow is smaller, and the tail is cut straight at the end and it makes the sound "CROW".

I love boulders too and the one you are showing reminds me of the head of a sleeping dog. I love it.

Your knitted hat is looking great, I'm waiting to see it when it's finished. Your knitting is awesome. Have fun knitting those siocks.

Have a great week.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, It must have been a raven. It was big and loud.I thought it was making a weird sound I had not heard before.Hugs Cheri

Kim said...

I think Julia is right. It looks like a raven. Your view is gorgeous. There's nothing like a nice nature walk to clear your head and get your thoughts in order. And breakfast with a friend doesn't hurt either ;).
I was going to ask for that French toast recipe, until you mentioned orange juice. (Allergic)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi kim, What a bummer to be allergic to orange juice. Have a good week. Hugs Cheri