Thursday, October 25, 2012

Walter Anderson's Garden Railroad

                                                     I love all the small building

After the quilt show in Ramona on Friday Linda and I stopped by Walter Anderson's Nursery In Poway.I bought three Lavender plants and took some great pictures of their wonderful big Garden Railroad. I have a little garden railroad that I am restarting it and so I was inspired by all the trains and plants in this wonderful garden railroad.I have always love miniature's and the feeling you get when your transported into a small world. The world you create in miniature's whether it's doll houses or garden trains always leaves you with a taste of a world of fantasy and a relaxing time enjoying the process of stepping back in time and being a child again.
                                              What could be more delightful  then gardening and trains?

I think this is some kind of grain building

This garden railroad is huge and very inspiring

October plants

                                                                   I love the people



Julia said...

Hi Cheri, I love that little miniature village and the train track with all the cars. It looks like many people would be attracted to it.

The buildings are so cute.

I always go back and read comments and I see that I made a typo and called your quilt a Hoba quilt. It was supposed to be a Hobo quilt of course and you so graciously ignored my error. Thanks, you're so sweet.

Hugs, JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, I didn't even notice. Lol Cheri