Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A scary story

Well Life is always more scary then monsters or things that go bump in the night. Last week as I lay in bed I heard a soft knock at the door.I had overslept and it was about ten in the morning and Maulie was barking like a good watchdog or as good as a little shitzu can.I live on a dirt road and my yard is fenced we never get anyone at the door! It's a bother to open the fence and walk up the steps to the deck and the house. Well as I grabbed my clothes I decided to peak out the window. For some reason I just felt very uneasy....
So as I peaked out the window I saw a tall man middle aged at the door he was turning around and as he walked out the gate I noticed another man near our cars.I think listening to your intuition is a must.
 I called my husband at work and said two men who kinda look like detectives had been at the door(I think I thought detectives because I have been reading too many mystery stories) They looked serious and for a second I worried maybe something had happened to a family member. Nobody ever comes to our house believe me.By the time I opened up the door and was on the deck I thought for a second one of the men looked like my brother then when I saw the other man I realized that wasn't my brother.  I noticed there was a black Suv type car across the street and as the men left they were looking around the road like they had never been around the area. It troubled me alot and that is why I called my hubby because I thought something was terribly wrong. Well I called my friend Deb in Missouri and she thought it was odd too. All of a sudden Hubby was at home he had left work because he was worried about me.
I told my girlfriends and cousin and just kept feeling nervous about those two men and glad they had not noticed me on the deck after they had left my yard and believe me I haven't slept in when Hubby goes to work.I just kept wondering who were they?
Well I got an email for our neighborhood watch person for Crest apparently two men have been going around Crest posing as missionaries and then breaking in.Sometimes you just get a feeling that tells you something is not right. I felt that way that day and the days after that. I kept wondering to myself why did those men rattle me so much enough for my husband to hear the fear in my voice and leave work.  When I saw that email I shivered.They had broken in to a house in Crest.
 Someone was looking after me.


Kellie from Indiana said...

Very scary, glad your spookometer was working. Be safe.

Bee Lady said...

Oh my time my Shug and I were on vacation. A stay at home week off of work. A knock came at the door and I was still in my robe and decided I didn't have to answer it. I looked out and saw a kid with a clipboard. That afternoon the neighbor across the street asked me if I had seen anything unusual in the neighborhood, that her house was broken into and all of her jewelry was stolen. Another neighbor said she answered the door and the guy was asking her the name of a street that she had never heard of. I think he was just trying to see if anyone was home, and for some reason, he didn't break into our house. Maybe he felt my presence on the other side of the door. Either way.... S c a r y.

Cindy Bee

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said... scary - I'm glad you are safe. It is always good to listen to those 'feelings' you have...glad God protected you.

Krafty Girl said...

SCARY!!! I have a story. Many years ago, when my kids were very little, my husband was out and I was left by myself. I was new to the area, we have lots of neighbors, but I did not know them really. Anyway, I was by myself with a five month old baby, taking a nap.
I was talking on my phone with my friend from the States, and I look out my window to see a car parked outside my house. I saw this man putting a bag on the steering wheel of the car, then taking it off and throwing it in the back seat. He was parked across the street, where I did not have the best view, but I had NEVER seen a car there before. I thought he was practicing how to strangle someone. (The way your mind works.) Now my friend, told me to hang up and call the police. But, I could not get the Plate number and I decided to watch for a little bit. He finally left after a while. Come to find out it was the paper boy/man getting the papers ready. BUT, oh did it give me quite the scare. Thank God you were safe. That is a very scary time.