Sunday, September 2, 2012

Waiting for a new week

Well this weekend has been filled with light reading relaxing and trying to decide what to work on next.I started hooking a rug and read this really funny author who has been around for a while a Dorothy Cannell.  I'll have to read more of her books.I love our library system in California in the whole United States San Diego County libraries were libraries of the year.I think that's pretty neat. My library is walking distance and it's very small so it's kind of like a slice of Americana you see all the characters in your little town.
This weekend it's in the 90's and so your limited in being in the garden. I started putting up my Fall decorations a little bit at a time .I think will be a fun week ahead I am going to our rug hooking group on Tuesday and I am starting a knitting class. Remember my sock I started at sock camp well I need to finish it and my daughter has been unable to help what with little Jack being a crazy little toddler .So every Wednesday I get to take Knitting class for three months.Wish me luck.So hopefully I'll have pictures of Country Loft's fall decoration and what my talented friends have been doing . Here are some quick pictures of this and that.
                                                      A Cheri Payne quilt I made that
                                                       comes out in the fall.

                                                             A little pumpkin from a Jo Ann class.

                                                I painted this birdhouse and put a chicken on it.

                                                         a cloth white pumpkin

                                                            A doll I made at a doll class at the loft.

           I know I need to weed but I just had to show you my tree I bought at a church
           plant sale which I had no idea what it was finally bloomed!
           See that house across the park from me
          with the tall roof it burned up so did several others in that block.It was
          18 feet from my home
          when the wildfire came thru.
          October seems like to me when the Santa Ana winds show up in southern California.


                                               Jack has been filling up the shelves
                                               with his trains still.Morris is hanging out every night in the 
                                               train room. 
My newest rug I am working on. 

 funny book
                                                                 Have a good week!


Saundra said...

You're a big rug hooker teaser! I want to see the rest of the design dang it. So hurry and work on it so we can see more.

Love your crow and the crafts you made. I'm not quite ready to put out the heavy fall stuff but I did put a wreath on my door with faux sunflowers, bumblebees, etc. and with fall colors. Guess I'm too busy trying to get ready for rug camp.


Larkrise garden girl said...

You are going to have so much fun Saundra!I can hardly wait for cold weather.Cheri

Julia said...

Cheri, you are way ahead of me for fall decorations. The stores are all full of fall and Halloween decorations already. I'm not ready yet.

You'll be a pro at knitting pretty soon. I'm waiting to see those special socks. It was cold this morning here.

It went from hot and humid to cold just like that. I find that the change came too suddenly and it's hard to get used to a certain temperature lately. Then today we had rain. I'm glad that it's getting cooler so I may get a bit of weeding done.

Have a great Labor Day weekend. Hugs, JB

Kim said...

Lol. Saundra's right - you are a tease. I hope you get lots of hooking time this week so we can see more rug :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi gals,I am sitting on my bed making a mess cutting up wools and trying to get some hooking in tonight. Cheri

acorn hollow said...

my you have been busy. I love all of your fall things I am still holding out I hate that summer has gone so fast. I agree I want to see more of your rug.
when we lived in Maine my daughter was little we would walk to the library I work in a book store now and I still go to the library. I will have to look for that author.
have a great day.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Cathy,How fun working in a bookstore. Our summer was too humid and overly hot.Normally we have dry heat.I hooked alot last night.Hugs Cheri