Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Primitive Rug Hooking and Fall at the Country Loft

                                                                   My week begins
 I went to the Loft for a nice day with the ladies of Hooking.  All of the ladies were showing what they all have been working on. Stephanie has been busy getting ready for a show which is so so much fun in the fall.Janice picked up a log cabin rug and started working on it again.I start knitting class tomorrow and can hardly wait.Were still having the heat wave in California so knitting seems crazy right now.  The knitting class has beginners and advanced students so this is the group for me. I know I will learn something in three months and possibly get some more of my sock done.Enjoy the pictures and Happy Hooking!  

                                                                Jo Ann pattern of a Cat

                                               So cute the puzzled expressions on these dolls

                                                            Janice log cabin


                                                            Cute crow
                                                                            Donna pumpkin

                                                  Stephanie's cross stitch and Hooking 

                                                                     Michele's star

                                                                    One of the classes

                                                           Love the colors of fall

                                                                   and fall decorating begins

                                             Marjorie covered this round box with wall paper

                                                                             now I am done.


Kim said...

That pumpkin guy riding a crow is awesome! So fun.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi kim, I loved it. It is made out of wood. I saw a cute thing on pinterest of a pumpkin bench so cute too! I love this time of year!

acorn hollow said...

I love all the wonderful things.
the crow in the first picture looks so fun.
good luck with your knitting class.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Cathy,I can hardly wait.

Primitive Stars said...

Hello, oh I love the pumpkin guy riding the crow to,so cute. Everything looks great,love Fall time. Blessings Francine.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Francine, I love that pumpkin guy too. Hugs Cheri

Bee Lady said...

I love your Halloween decorations. I'm not usually a prim girl, more cottagy, but for some reason I have a lot of prim Halloween decorations. It just seems to go with the season. I thought of you last night. At our crochet class The Granny Bee (on my side bar of my blog) was making some really cool rug patterns to hook. I was tempted but Lord I do not need another hobby!

Cindy Bee

Julia said...

What a nice way to start your week, lots of nice things to please the eyes. My favorite is the trick or treat rug. Thanks for sharing your fun day with us.

I just love all those fall colors and that textured wool in the background.

Have a beautiful rest of the week.
Hugs, JB

Saundra said...

Thanks for the wonderful shared photos, I just love it when you go to the loft and take pictures. Loved everything!! and saw some things I'd like to make myself. All I need is more time.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Today is knit class,This should be fun,Have a good week everyone.Cheri