Thursday, September 27, 2012

Country Loft is a picture of Fall

                                                                I love this time of year!

                                                               I see something over there to buy!

Tuesday was rug hooking at the County Loft and it was a nice time as usual. I signed up for Hobo Quilt class in October I really need to get my hobo quilt done before Christmas. It seems the only way I can get a project done is to keep going to classes to keep up my  interest. I am so tired of unfinished projects!
Wednesday was a busy day I had knit class which was a relaxing learning experience with such a great teacher. All the ladies are interesting and what a nice way to spend an afternoon learning to knit in air conditioning. I am so glad California has a vibrant Adult education system to be part of . There are all sorts of classes to take and I believe that being a lifetime learner keeps you happy and healthy.It seems there are a abundance of teachers in retirement that enjoy these classes.I noticed quite a few retired teachers in quilt classes too.

 Later in the afternoon I got a call from my lifelong surfer neighbor who doesn't have a computer and needed to contact a Tortoise Society to have them  pick up a Tortoise he had rescued from a busy street in El Cajon. Jeff had stopped traffic when he saw people driving around this poor tortoise who was booking across the street as fast as he could. What a good Samaritan!Well the tortoise has been returned to a organization that knows what they're doing and Jeff is minus a tortoise. The volunteer explained to Jeff it was a Russian tortoise. I wonder if someone lost him and hopefully will get returned to its home.
 Enjoy the pictures of the Country Loft

                                                             This looks like a Cheri Payne pattern
                                                             So perfect for Fall


A quilt class


                                                      I love the color Orange this time of year

                                                             JoAnn patterns are the best
                                                                  Happy Fall


Julia said...

The Country Loft sure is ready for Autunm. All kinds of cute country decors. Classes... you can't have too much fun learning new craft with your friends.

You are not alone with unfinished projects. I'm just getting back at my Childhood Memories rug. It's been in hiding for a long time. I find the days are just so full with everything else, there's no time anymore for my craft and Blogger takes a good portion of that spare time.

Winter time is about the best time for me to work on my unfinished projects. Winter is just around the corner...

Your Hobo quilt will probably get finished sometimes when it gets colder.
'Hugs, JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia,It is still hot here in California but I am hoping it will start to get cold. I have to get caught up on everyones blogs this weekend.Hugs cheri

Kim said...

That place looks so amazing. Good luck with our projects. I get depressed when they start to pile up.

acorn hollow said...

it looks like a great place I love to look at all of the fall goodies.

annie said...

that shop looks amazing! no wonder you want to go there! blessings on getting done, I really dislike projects that drag out. used to never bother me, now, if it lingers I want to forget it all together.

Larkrise garden girl said...

I am glad everyone liked the pictures!Have a great weekend, Cheri

Dog Trot Farm said...

Cheri, how I wish I could visit and join in the fun at The Country Loft. What a great shop, so much to see, I love the festive colored quilts, perfect colors for fall. Hope you have enjoying a good weekend. Greetings, Julie.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julie, The Country Loft is always fun to visit.Hugs Cheri

Christine said...

What a wonderful store and a fantastic array of fall goodies!
Thanks for sharing!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Christine, Cheri