Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cat days of Summer/My hooked rug goes pop!

                                                              Hot Morris                    


In San Diego county we have been having a heat wave! It's so hot I saw two doves just sitting on the ground
next to my front gate. They just stared at me too hot to move. I almost stepped on them they blended in so well.I guess they were just trying to get some cool shade but it just feels humid and hot!

In the middle of this heat wave I hurt my back it even hurt to sit or walk. My back had been hurting too much so I had been laying on my side and waiting for it to get better. So finally it started to feel better this week.
                                                            As Morris ages his head gets smaller
Poor Morris our orange tabby looks like he is sick of this weather and refusing to go outside during the day. Super Ants have discovered my kitchen and are not leaving without a fight.Hubby had to go on the roof and spray and yet here they are here once again. My dear friend in Missouri had told me about her fight with ants and I guess those California ants decided to show up Missouri ants and yep their hard to get rid of.

                                                                  Books are fun to look at

                                                               Little Jack is such a blessing

Jack loved his Disney bedtime book

Sunday we visited toddler Jack and he made us all laugh . He has a room full of toys but he loves his books. The whole time we were there he had a book in his hand only trouble occasionally he wants to nibble on the hard cover.

                                                               Egg and I Road rug

Do you ever feel when your hooking away on a rug when something takes control of your hook and your going in a totally different direction. I love primitive rugs and I love dark colors but there is a part of me that just wants to pop out and it happened again. I put this crazy color in my rug for some crazy reason I liked it. I normally want my rugs to look old but that hook took control and there it was in my rug.My rug hooking friends were quietly looking at my rug not knowing what to think.My thought is when this rug fades a hundred years from now somebody will say wow what a pretty color.I just have to wait for the hundred years to pass.

I still think did I do that? You all have heard how a rug should have a color that makes the rug Pop,hummmm..well I threw a firecracker in my rug. Lately I have been reading about antique rug making and part of it is doing something different so I know it’s weird but I am experimenting and I do like it. Even though I keep questioning the color it looks good from a distance.Sometimes I think I have to step out of my primitive comfort zone.

I know what colors I should have used but there it is my inner Cheri is bright. Blame it on sock camp and the Pacific Northwest I just love those vibrant colors. The rug is about the Pacific Northwest trip so I think that’s why the rug wants  Color in it, Weird I wonder if a hooked rug can have a choice in where it’s leading you?
I am putting it in a blue walled bedroom so the brightness will look fine.I am going to start hooking the lettering this week.Even though it's hard to feel like hooking in this weather.Growing up in California we never had humidity and now every year the weather keeps getting more humid.Strange...

.Well I am off to the groomer
Maulie is getting all her hair cut off. Too hot for long hair. Maulie will be happy to be a little bald shitzu.


Orange Sink said...

I think sometimes our rugs do have a mind of their own! LOL! I like the pop of color you've done and the great thing is if you don't like it later on there is always reverse hooking!
Little Jack is sure a cutie...... and such pretty eyes!
Hope your back keeps feeling better..... you need to stay well to keep up with all the little ones!!
Cathy G

Joanne said...

Hot here in the East Coast also - been living in A/C! your rug looks great - I too love the prim and dark but i tend to put too much color and I'm with you - i say I make antique rugs while they were new! And who's to say every rug we hook has to be dark and prim? if it makes your heart sing then it's right!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Cathy G, I love that little man,Just got back from the groomer Maulie is happy to be home.Have a nice week, Cheri