Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A California freeway fire and A bad day to be a Koi In Balboa Park

 I hate to complain but I just  don't know what to think of my fellow San Diegan's.
  San Diego is a beautiful place to live! How many times have I bragged about how great a place it is to visit. We have the San Diego Zoo, Sea World the beautiful beaches, the mountain town of Julian ,Laguna mountains and right in the middle of San Diego is the Lily and Koi pond in Balboa Park which is filled with large lily's and Koi fish .It's so pretty! As a child we would walk by it as we went from museum to museum in beautiful Balboa Park. The Koi pond is an actual historic landmark and one of the treasures of Balboa Park.
Well a couple of nights ago
  partygoers and some real  thoughtless people about 1500 of them had a squirt gun fight at midnight and broke the pumps of the pond and practically drained the large pond.
This is a beautiful Lily pond. People tramped all over the plants vandalizing the pond and terrorizing the Koi.  
  It's quite sad when I think of those beautiful fish fighting to stay alive as the water drained down.I am not sure how many died but they destroyed most of the lily's.The next morning authorities discovered what had happened during the night. It's too bad no one called the police!
.  Those crazy people were taking water out of the pond to fill up their squirt guns drinking and jumping in. It really bothered me to think how any one can ruin something so pretty
                                       How it looks after replacing the damage and pumps.It looks empty.

Balboa Parks Koi and Lily Pond a landmark on a happier day.

Go forward to today

Then on the way to visit my Uncle with my cousin and my aunt there was a freeway fire going up a hillside.By the time we got close to the fire it was white smoke so it was under control.

I wish I had taken pictures of all the cars everywhere.It was crazy!
I grabbed my cousins phone to take some pictures but I realized how little I caught of the action.
 So picture this three freeways merge near the fire and were stuck with cars stopped in the three freeway ramps like a scene from a bad highway back up and of course were driving towards the fire . No car is moving and the additional firetrucks can't get to the fire. So one of the firemen jumps out and literally he is going car to car running and pointing and telling people where to move their cars.Some people are just oblivious to the firetrucks behind them ignoring them since they don't know where to go.I wanted  so badly for the firemen to blow their horns or something.I have never seen firetrucks stuck in traffic in my life and dumb drivers making it hard to get by.I wonder maybe it's the heat in California and Oh yes we have three or four large wildfires going in the back country.
I heard a lady interviewed who was being asked about the wildfires and she stated which is so true
"People think Californians should worry about earthquakes that is not a constant worry for us it's
San Diego's finest

One of the Firetrucks finally getting by

My cousin was driving and so I was able to take a couple of pictures.
really it was bigger!

It was a lot bigger but I couldn't get a good shot of the hillside.
So I am done with my sad post but I love gardens and I especially loved going to Balboa Park and
walking around visiting museums and the Koi pond.
I also think some drivers need to remember to move over to the right when emergency vehicles are trying to get by.
We did finish the day on a high note as we ate some wonderful yogurt at Jamba Juice.
                        Hopefully this weekend I will finish my hooked rug.                                                        


Kim said...

That is just sickening about the beautiful Koi pond. We have lots of acts of vandalism here too. I just don't understand why the young people get pleasure from doing this....
I've been stuck in traffic like that before with nowhere to go to get out of the way. Its terrifying. I was in lane 3 of 6 lanes and a firemen where out trying to pull cars over enough to get through.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Wow! I had never seen firemen do that.The Koi pond hopefully will get fixed soon and the Koi will be back to normal.hugs Cheri

Bee Lady said...

I saw that on the news about the Koi pond! How sad. I thought about those poor fish too. Too much alcohol makes people do idiotic things.
Glad the firefighter finally got through.

Cindy Bee