Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tuesday Rug hookers at the Country Loft

                                                                     Needle Punch
                                                                     Michele's work
 Sometimes I get a little use to staying at home. I hate driving down the hill all the time just for groceries and all the mindless errands I need to do. So occasionally I have to talk myself into going to rug hooking. Tuesday I was getting dressed to go out war paint slapped on my face a little bit of the curling iron and I was out the door. Maulie is always sad when I leave and I feel so guilty.

                                                                        Michele did this one too
Last week while working on my hooked Rug I found a brown bag of nuts in the pantry and knew I had been given them at rug hooking a while ago. I asked the gals yesterday at rug hooking what were they? The Mystery was solved Pecans. Janice had brought them in from her garden a while ago and everybody had taken some home.

                                                                       more quilts

                                                             quilts on the wall of the Loft

                                                                Marjorie's punch needle

                                                                     I Love this Chicken

Marjorie's needle punch

Everybody was sharing what projects they had been doing Marjorie and Michele brought in their needle punch. Michele uses six strands and Marjorie is a three strand gal. Marjorie kindly demonstrated to Janice and I how to get started. So needle punch here I come.

Talented Stephanie brought in her Cross stitch and her current rugs she selling on her web site. Enjoy!

                                                                         Stephanie's work

                                                        Some more needle punch of Marjorie's
                                                          Next comes the frame

                                                 Stephanie wow!  On Linen sooo tiny
                                                                   Red white Blue

 Jan is making something super special 

some goodies

                                                             Notice the center of this quilt


Kathy Phillips said...

Your getting the hang of Pinterest! You boards look great! Be prepared for your blog to get really popular! Check out my "In the Garden" board - I know you like to garden, and your garden is beautiful!! I have a couple of pics of my own "Happy Garden" on my board. Gardening relaxes me ,and I love being close to nature! I know what you mean about leaving home - my dog hates it when I go, and I too feel guilty! I love seeing all the projects on your blog! Some of those gals my Mom has known for a long time, and I remember them growing up. I am so thankful she has so many true blue friends. She loves it when you all get together!


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kathy,I love gardening unfortunately it's dry this time of year til November. Our water bills have changed how I am gardening in southern california.I am trying to mix it up in my garden with plants that are more drought tolerant It's a challenge. I miss that green I saw on Bainbridge Island at sock camp!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cheri ~
So many wonderful projects!!! Thanks for sharing.
Pug hugs :)

annie said...

so very pretty an interesting, thanks for sharing!

acorn hollow said...

what wonderful color and talent you have in your group.
It was worth the war paint. (that is what I call it when I wear make up)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Cathy, It does feel like war paint sometimes when your applying makeup. Lol! Thanks for all your nice compliments everyone, Cheri

Bee Lady said...

I feel the same exact way about leaving the house. Sometimes I just want to stay home and stay in! But usually, when I get there, I enjoy myself. As always,great hand made items.

Cindy Bee

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks Cindy Bee,Cheri

Kim said...

Tonight I was invited out to the pub. The thought of make-up or even putting a bra on was too much. So here I sit, blog hopping, bra-less. LOL.
You hang out with some talented ladies. Good luck with punching. I hope you catch on quicker than me ;)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim, Enjoy relaxing. I am glad I am not the only one out there that has to struggle sometimes to get out the door. I do think I am going a little batty though today while gardening a little bird in the park was squawking away frantically. I couldn't see where it was but I just kept thinking I hope it didn't lose a baby bird. It was loud!It was stressing me. Even birds have bad days... maybe I do need to get out a little more.Lol Cheri

acorn hollow said...

to your question on my blog.
No it does not have to be king arthur I usually buy their flour as they are a smallish business and I got the recipe off their website. I do get my flour in Walmart if that helps.

Ter'e said...

I am "behind"...I suppose! Day late and dollar short. Can you share who Steph is and what her selling blog is? She does lovely work.

On September 7th, I actually get to shop at The Country Loft. It will be my very first trip there. I cannot wait. I'll be dragging my Mom in with me. so I hope there is a comfy place for her to sit. I don't mean that as it sounds.....she is not big on little sewing/craft shops. She's a great sport and wants me to see the shop but it is not her thing. I don't know if she can even sew a button on. LOL. I love her regardless.
Excited to come back to my home state! Loved all the pix you shared!!!!!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Tere, her old site was Old colony primitives you can look that up and it will direct you to her new site. Stephanie and Art are so talented.Country Loft has some places to sit. There is a table and chairs where classes take place in the middle of the store.You'll love it.It's so hot here were having a heat wave! HUgs Cheri