Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh Joy were having a heat wave!

                                                     What a good color selection I see in nature

                                                                    Sea World pictures

It is so hot in Crest today I feel like I could fry an egg on my hot little head. The heat wave finally got here and now I have true sympathy for my fellow hot hookers!
This last weekend hubby was pounding away on his train room. It continued during the week after work.  So every day between boxes lifted  back and forth to the front room at times I feel like I am moving again.
Jack has been busy making his layout and I guess you have to plan as much as we do on making a hooked rug. For some reason the sound of ear splitting sawing, nailing rectangular shaped pieces of wood together and train boxes being carted back to the front room again and again is slightly annoying especially in this heat.   I am getting cabin fever!

I try not to run the A.C. because it can get so expensive so I feel like wearing a wet T shirt all day.Those poor people back east that had no electricity that sounded awful. 
Poor Maulie is so hot with no energy. Maulie just wants to lay on the tile floor in the kitchen all day. Morris is being kept inside at night even if he wanting to be out in the cool night air. There are a lot more coyotes howling near us lately. Morris would easily feed a family of four and be dessert. 

 Meanwhile back to the train and being helpful. I don’t know about you but I was suggesting how his layout should go up and was getting a little carried away since I couldn’t hook with all the noise when I got this look. You know that look men can convey when your giving a little too many suggestions. I do love being the supervisor! Hubby suggested would I like it be called Cheri’s train room? Now isn’t that sweet he wants to name it after me. That does sound nice but No thank you since I have no idea how he keeps the track and everything going!


So I decided to try not to give him too many more pearls of advice. He is so content playing in there so I am hoping the sawing is over and now the fun begins wiring train track and buildings.Oh Joy!

                                                              upside down seal

                                                          Colorful flamingo

                                                     Shamu underwater 

                                                      Little Jack is watching something
                                                   This cute little girl was having a great time


Saundra said...

Oh yeah about that HEAT WAVE here in the east. But thank God I only lost power for about 4 hours one evening after a row of thunderstorms rolled thru.

Let your man play with his trains and you enjoy doing what you do. That's what I call 'harmony'.

Am loving your rug so far even tho you have pulled some loops. But you'll figure out what ya like.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Saundra,Jack sure is in his own world right now rediscovering his train hobby.I am going to get to work on mine.HUgs Cheri

Mary A said...

The heat here in Northern California is terrific. We are supposed to hit 106. That's not a record though. Just had a new AC installed so we will be able to get through this fine. Stay cool and hydrated. Mary A

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Mary, Wow your having it worst then us. Yikes!!Keep cool.Cheri

Kim said...

I don't do well in the heat. Crabby! Thankfully we don't generally get the 100+ days. I'm not sure what I'd do. Plus we have no AC. I suppose I could live in the car....

Larkrise garden girl said...

Kim,I think it is finally getting cooler.I am off to see one of my friends for ice tea today.Hugs Cheri

Nancy in MT said...

Beautiful pictures from Sea World. Let it be as they say, him with his train room and you off to do your thing, harmony as one of the comments said. Stay cool!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Nancy, Your so right, I know I like to do my own thing.But I just was so excited seeing all the trains coming together.It's cooler today so I am going to start hooking again. Love your pictures of wildlife and your quilts.Cheri

Kathy Phillips said...

Hi Cheri!
Getting caught up on your posts! As usual - beautiful pictures! We have been through a heat wave here too - two weeks of temps over 100! We finally got some rain. Also, my air conditioner broke! I love your husbands train room. I'll send you an invite to Pinterest - then look at my boards, and you will see how it works. I can help you if you want. You can catagorize different boards, and pin things from other people, or pin things from the internet or even pictures of your own! You can also follow people, and decide whether or not to pin what they have pinned. I have alot of neat things pinned from recipes to a bucket list! It's so much fun! I'll be curious to see what you think of mine!


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kathy, I'll have to check out your board later tonight. I have been wanting to put it on my blog but I just am trying to get my garden under control.It's so hot the last thing you want to do is weed.HUgs Cheri