Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where I wish I was this week

                                                               Looking for sea glass
Do you remember that old commercial where a lady is taking a bath and relaxing in a hot steamy bath and says “Calgon take me away!”


                                                               fellow sock knitter at camp
Oh please take me away back to beautiful Port Ludow hot water just a flick of a switch  fireplace great meals relaxation no cares beautiful rooms and no housework. I try to have a good attitude I try not to be a person that has to have everything perfect. I am a make do type of woman and happy that way.I am extremely patient but this week I am having a bit of a annoyed meltdown.
Today I am suppose to wait for the propane man to come and hook up some hot water. This is Day five!


                                                        See the little otter they were all over the place

Have you ever had a week where it’s just plain inconvenient. Your missing just normal happy things like hot water! This morning I woke up Hubby had gone to work opened the front room right side window so Maulie could look out . As I dressed myself I sat at the bed yawning since I had stayed up too late when I noticed a bunch a men roofing away. I scrambled to shut the door. They had a perfect shot of me dressing. Great! This week has been so inconvenient I keep wishing I was at sock camp. Between roofers that can stare into my house and yard and no hot water I guess I should get you caught up.I shouldn't brag but
First I am a saint. The saint of being patient with men. I am a little patient for my own good sometimes.

I hate propane problems. This day five of no propane which means no hot water. So I am starting to look like I crawled out of a cave. It’s a long story but bottom line there is a leak in the pipe so all the propane leaked out and I am right in the middle of having a meltdown with the propane company. All it took was the second propane man to pressure check the tank after he had filled it and see there was a leak. So there is a full tank of propane in our yard and we can't use it.I am sitting here waiting for the third propane man to come and the call from the propane billing girl.

Since It’s our pipe it went thru the meter so I am fighting with them since my hubby had called them out once before smelling gas and then we got this huge bill. I am so mad and I am not a crazy lady when talking to people but this is so unfair. It So Hubby will be digging a new trench line.That will be a fun time! So today were getting a temporary fix so we will have wonderful hot water. I will be feeling a lot calmer and a lot cleaner. Oh and to add to more inconvenience I have these diving parent birds that built a nest and are constantly diving at Maulie and me. What happened to my peaceful world. Calgon take me away! 

                                                               Take me back to exploring a waterfall

                                                    walking along the water

I loved these trees

                                                      walking in the woods......
Update, I now have no water.Lol Hubby hit the water line while making the trench for the new propane line.
I didn't believe him until he showed me the geyser of water when he turned the water on at the street.
I can only laugh...

Today everything is fixed and all is right with the world. Hot shower here I come!
I also was able to get my new rug ready to be hooked.


Bee Lady said...

OK....go get a shower first of all. I can smell you all the way here! (teasing - don't hate) Then go get some hot tea, and some wool, and plan that next hooking project. And just forget about everything else for awhile.

Aren't we lucky we have pictures to take us back to those fun times?

Cindy Bee

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Cindy bee,LOL! I am still waiting for Mr propane man and hot water but good idea I am going to start a new rug.I loved your pictures of Italy! Hugs Cheri

acorn hollow said...

it is so hard to not have hot water.
hope things turn around soon.