Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A little bit of this and that

                                                                  Cedros garden nursery

                                                         I love the way they trained the lavatera

                                        My friend Linda's garden with drought tolerant plants

I am so behind in posting pictures of what I have been doing lately. So I am just going to blurt out in pictures gardens, Country Loft rug hooking and  my day running around at nurseries and this and that.

I am getting ready to do another rug and frankly I just can’t make up my mind now. I wish I could hook a rug where I don’t hook and rehook. So I might just use a pattern that I have already and adapt it. Then I just have to gather my wools and hook.

                                                          A Pacific Beach nursery

                                        A gift that Michele made for her mom for Mothers Day

                                                          Such good needlework

                      This is the newest sew for a cure donation from the Cheri Payne Fan group

                                                         This is a Cheri Payne pattern

                                                            an old hooked rug

                                                                     Jan's hooked purse

                                                                  What to do


                                                            Nursery pictures

  On Saturday I went with my girlfriend Linda to two nurseries
I took some pictures of her garden.
We drove all over the coast
Had lunch in beautiful La Jolla.
I had wanted to see the seals
 but there was no where to park.
I took some pictures at Fort Rosecrans
We went to an estate sale and a farmers market all
this in one day.Whew!

It was a lot to do in one day but it was enjoyable.

                             Baby Jacks first birthday is May 28th so he went to Disneyland and enjoyed some cake
                                                                His birthday party will be on Saturday
                                                        Wow! Time flys


acorn hollow said...

Beautiful gardens but you didn't show us what you bought.
lovely rugs and stitching.
Baby Jack is a Doll.

Larkrise garden girl said...

I bought some small iceplants and a beautiful lavatera that is an unusual color.

Dog Trot Farm said...

What a jammed packed fun filled day. Beautiful plant and flower photos, love all the different colors and textures. Baby Jack is one handsome birthday boy who appears to be enjoying his special cake. I have to tell you how much Mr. Dog Trot and I have enjoyed Lark Rise to Candleford. I am sorry to say we have come to the last episode, this series as Dorcas Lane would say, "my one true weakness"!! Hugs from Maine, Julie.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julie, I was sad when it ended but the ending was good especially when it was unexpected.Dorcus was such a good actress. If you ever want a funny movie about a girl who loves Jane Austen rent Lost in Austen. I am watching it again tonight.I got it at my local library.Hugs Cheri