Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fish and I

                                   I have had some interesting experiences with fish in my Life.

It started as a kid on my Dad’s sailboat I don’t know if you remember when there was that cute hairstyle where you wore your pony tail on the side. Well I was fishing with my Dad in the bay when I caught a fish  for the first time.My excitement was too much and I was reeling it in as quick as I could when my pony tail got stuck in the line. The only way the fish could come up was just pulling the line up as quick as possible so there I am Pony tail all stuck in the line with this fish bloated from coming up too quickly. Strike one fish experience.

Next were living in Wyoming fishing all the time It’s a spring day when  were at Lake Desmit. Have you ever gone fishing with a baby?  Well hubby was having fun but between the infestation of grasshopper hopping all over the place like a scene from Little house on the prairie and the locusts I was not a happy camper so with a disgusted face at the situation. I hate grasshoppers!I finally had enough.

“Let’s go Home” I explained to my better half. Hubby explained “As soon as I catch a fish!”

Well fisherwoman that I am I looked at the lapping water at the shore saw a calm area and said “If I was a fish that’s where I would be” I am not kidding within a minute Jack caught the biggest trout of his life.

Yes we got to pack up baby and fish and go home after that.

 Years later in high school my Fish experiences continue with a date a getting  a kiss by Shamu the killer whale at Sea World San Diego. The fish was the highlight not the date.That whale actually hurt. That whale comes up like a torpedo when he kissed me. He was the original Shamu he shortly died after that .hummm.
Now were at Seattle Pikes Place Market the last day and I have a new lucky hat I bought in Port Townsend. Any time you see a travel show on T.V.there is the usual picture of the fishermen throwing Fish at the market so of course I want a picture of them.

Megan walks up to the fisherman and explains how were celebrating my birthday and so he says “lets have your Mom catch the fish” I felt like a kid it was so funny he taught me how to catch the fish then took me behind the counter as I waited for a fish to come flying at me. All I could think I had better catch that fish! It’s important to hold tight it’s pretty slippery and heavy.

  I haven't laughed so hard in so long well when that fish came flying at me and I didn’t even realize that there was a crowd watching me when I caught it they all cheered!!

It was such a funny experience. There is something about losing your inhibitions when you know you’ll never see these people again. So here’s more pictures of Seattles Pikes Place Market which is full of interesting shops and such a feel like San Francisco to me.

He was making sure I knew how big it was before he threw the fish

     I caught it!

More pictures of Seattles Pikes Place Market

Used book store

Magic shop

Posters in front of Magic shop

                                                Baby Jack is walking
                        Baby Jack's Mothers Day at SeaWorld  it was relaxing                          


Kim said...

Fun post. First, it was great to "see" you. Love the lucky hat! Your fishing stories cracked me up. I used to go fishing with my grandfather
I can't believe Baby Jack is walking. Look out now! Lol

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim, I am glad you liked my story. It's hot today!
HUgs Cheri

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

One of my very favorite places to go ~ the fish market at Pikes Place!! My son lives in a suburb and that's my only request while I'm there ~ take me to The Market! Don't they have the most beautiful flowers and veggies you've ever seen! Thanks for the fun post!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cheri ~
I love putting a face to a name!
I hate to admit but I remember the pony style on the side of the head.
So many great pictures!!! Thanks.
Pug hugs :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Alice, Your so lucky to get to visit Pikes Place Market I loved the flowers.
Hi Lauren,I was a mess the last day in Seattle but it was fun!