Sunday, May 6, 2012

Camp Castaway Sock Camp

                                                         Socks and more Socks


       The day is too pretty to be at the computer so here are some quick pictures of Camp Castaway

                                 I learned a new way to dye and I am going to try it out on my primitive
                               Cushing formula's

                                                     Tina of Blue Moon and our Dye teacher


More socks 


acorn hollow said...

it looks like so much fun and the socks are amazing.

Julia said...

Thanks for sharing all those sock photos. Such a variety.JB

Saundra said...

You gals look like you're having as much fun at sock camp as I do at rug camp. Knit on!


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Saundra,I hope some day to go to a rug camp. I finally finished hooking my rug last night,Hugs Cheri