Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seattle Pikes Place Market First day in Seattle

                              Camp Castaway Sock Camp adventure 2012 

                  Pikes Place Market reminded me alot of Fishermans wharf in San Francisco

                                Memories of our first day to Seattle on the way to Sock camp

                                                         random lady looking at flowers

Last week I was on the go as we left at six in the morning from Ontario airport in California and flew to Seattle on Alaska airlines. Well by nine o clock we were in Seattle Washington and a different world. There is so much running around and stopping when you are flying somewhere. You have to be at the airport two hours in advance. Then the security is crazy. Then you get a pat down that was interesting . Lol!

It seems your constantly checking in and waiting to do something whether it be security or hotels or in taking a van to get a rental car and finally it feels like your on vacation and on to camp castaway sock camp. Our plan was we arrived a day early and do some sightseeing before classes started at Camp Castaway. First stop after we had wheels again was to go to Pikes Place market in Seattle ,Take the ferry to Bainbridge island and then go to Port Ludlow drop off our luggage and go check out Port Townsend and Fort Worden
State park.
                                               On the way to Bainbridge Island

                                                A view from Pikes Place Market of the Ferry to
                                                Bainbridge Island
                                           The ferry Ride

                                                      Taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island
                                                     So much fun inside but above deck cold!

                                                                    Time for Lunch
                                                     I loved the food and the garden
                                                     at where we ate on Bainbridge Island
                    I want Hubby to make some of these raised beds

Isn't this a great setting for lunch

The house across the street from where we ate
I thought this dog looked cute waiting patiently for his owner to eat lunch 

Then we were on our way to Bainbridge Gardens and all this was on my birthday the 18th
It was fantastic going to a plant nursery on Bainbrige Island and seeing the Pacific Northwest
which is beautiful!

  The totem at Port Ludlow Eagles land on it!

On to Port Townsend
My first sock with Blue moon 
 This is my sock mid week.
  I finally got to the heel flap in camp
which I was very happy with.
Now on to turning a heel.Lol
All the ladies made socks all the time so I was happy I got this far!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Gorgeous pictures! My son and family live outside Seattle and its my favorite place to visit! I LOVE the market and all it has to offer! Glad you're having fun!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Alice, What a beautiful part of the world.