Monday, March 12, 2012

Finally making headway on my Hooked Rug!

Hooking and ripping again but It was necessary.
I like my Pray for Moo Cow rug much better now! .

The rug on the left is the before picture!I didn't like the way the word Pray looked I needed it to stand out better in my hooked rug.
I also took out the orange ground after I hooked it.I decided that I wanted everything to float like my favorite hooker
Magdalena Briner.I also redid the Black angel wings so you could see them better.
So that's why I am so slow.

                         Have you ever looked at a rug your hooking and knew you needed to change it. Here is how my rug is evolving slowly. You can see how much I change my mind when I am trying to make a rug reflect what I like.I love patterns which are worth every penny but it is fun to be like a rug hooker of the past . Hooking about her self and  her rugs reflecting a little of her taste.I so love primitive rug hooking
 I am all that and a bag of chip!
 So In between watching U tube videos of knitting socks to planting my berry bush and redecorating my sewing room I have been a hot mess!I have been gardening a bunch  in my garden this last week.I also have been cutting back ice plant again and starting a small garden in my side yard. Note to gardeners never plant red apple ice plant it grows over everything! Oh also on my Do not plant list!
Morning glories and vinca.I bet I am going to add to the list berries. I did think of that so I  planted them in a contained spot in the middle of  railroad ties.
                        After picture

Just the right top corner to hook and the bottom and I am done!

A couple of nights ago felt like something was hurting my skin on the top layer of my stomach and around my side. I couldn’t see anything but it felt painful to touch  It also felt like the skin underneath the part where it was achy was really numb and spreading!

Such a really odd feeling. I can’t believe my stomach could ever feel numb! Well today I looked at my stomach and there is something that looks like a rash. So something must have bitten me more then once! I wonder if a spider bite can kind of poison you. I kept lifting my shirt showing hubby my stomach. He kept  repeating "I don’t see anything. " Finally I could see those red cluster of bites.I also have them around my back! With a self satisfied “See there is something there it’s not in my head!”

With that hubby looked at it and said “You probably scratched yourself”

                                        I caught some horse riders riding by on a peaceful Sunday
                                                                  Nice day for a ride


Kim said...

Pray is looking great. But more importantly, you better go get that checked out by a doctor. It might be serious.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim, I know something bit me.It had to be a spider. But i don't think it's serious just a pain.Every time I move it hurts where it bit me over and over.It's the size of a walnut .Where my tummy is and my back I have a doctor appointment tomorrow I think I will mention it to her.

Julia said...

Cheri, that sounds like a nasty bite. I agree with Kim, you better get the doctor to look at it.

Your Pray for Moo rug is looking even better with the changes. I'm like you, when something is bugging me I have to change it. I hope that you will have a great week. Hugs, JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Since you are going to the doctor, BE SURE TO MENTION IT!!! (Sorry to yell.)
Your rug is wonderful. You are so close!!!
Hugs :)

annie said...

I love your rug, the changes look great. The top picture of the riders would make a great rug.
Please tell the dr. spider bites are serious, and can have long lasting effects.

Mugwump Woolies said...

What a wonderfully whimsical rug! Can't wait to see the finish!

Saundra said...

When I lived in California the ice plant was a very enjoyable sight along the highways and draping down the walls. But guess it is very invasive in one's yard.

Is it possible that you might have come in contact with poison ivy or sumac?

Your rug is coming along very nicely.


terry said...

First of all let me tell you I love, love morning glories. I love to watch them pop open in the morning and go to sleep at nite. .... but. I planted what I thought was going to be a neat and tidy little plant before a smallish trellis and before I knew it it exploded. It loved its location and took off ... all over. And then I discovered that field mice/rats were making their homes among the blooms. Alas it had to go and it took me about two years to completely get rid of it. I still love morning glories but in other people's yards. Got a good laugh at what I can imagine your morning glory is doing.

Your "pray" rug looks great.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks for the nice comments. I know I am going to tell my new doctor about the bites. Hubby looked at my back which I can't see and told me be sure and have her look at the bites.He finally sounded concerned.Their in a cluster in the back worse then the front.Hubby put calamine lotion on them. They itch and ache. I wonder what bit me? it had to be a spider. I have no idea what got on me but I was pruning lots of plants.I don't
have sumac or anything like that.Oh well! Hugs Cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

I knew was a little stressed this week, First I didn't mention but my brother was in critical condition in ICU with a stroke in L.A. where he lives with his wife and three kids. So I guess that extra stress gave me Shingles. It looks like spider bites.I thought it hurt alot.Sure shocked me.I like my new doctor she was nice and Hubby can now realize I wasn't being a baby.Hugs to you all Cheri

Kathy Phillips said...

Oh Cheri!
My Dad had shingles back when Mom's Mother got sick and passed away! It was awful, and he was in so much pain. You will need lots of TLC! Your rug is just beautiful!


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kathy, Hubby is being so sweet.I have a mild case I am lucky. My Dad also had shingles that were extremely bad. So I know how bad they can be. I think it's funny the minute the doctor said it was shingles I felt worse. Lol. Today since I am stuck at home
so I am rug hooking my grass on my cow.Hugs Cheri

Ter'e said...

Your little rug is so precious!!!! I love the simplicity of it. PRAY looks so much better now that you have highlighted it a bit. Love the little angel.
Sorry to hear about your shingles. I got them in Dec. I was lucky, Not too terribly painful (I could cope with it) - but a horrible irritant. I had them all over my side, down my hip, moving along to the back of my side...... I normally take gabepentin, so the pain was lessened due to me already having that drug in my system.
Best of luck! Stay out of a HOT shower or HOT bath.
Mother Ter'e

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Tere, They are a pain it reminds me of a bad bad sun burn. I have these pills I have to take for five days thats worse then the shingles. Today is day four.I feel for you Tere their not fun. Hugs Cheri

Delisa said...

Hi Cheri, you rug is so beautiful, I really like the finished design, the floating effect is beautiful! I have never done rug hooking but I know what you mean about having to take things out with my knitting and crocheting. There have been times when I just don't like the way the pattern is looking and I have to make some of my own additions, or perhaps I didn't catch a mistake and now as I get close to finishing it is really noticeable. I hope that your rash is getting better. Your pictures are so peaceful and beautiful. It is starting to green here too. Most of the trees are still bare, but the ornamental pears are covered with blooms and the azaleas have flowered. I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead! Delisa :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Delisa,The floating effect is the way Magdalena Briner did her rugs. I like that effect. I also noticed in Primitive quilts I have made quilters patterns are similar with the floating animals.Every day the shingles hurt a little more so they must be healing. I loved seeing the horses go by. Hugs Cheri