Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Big Red Barn Country Folk Art Spring Garden Faire

The Big Red Barn is a fun Country Folk art craft show in Escondido California. Thursday Linda and I went
up to see what was there waiting for us to purchase. After a stop for lunch in the best sandwich shop in Poway the next stop was Escondido and the Red Barn. It was such a relaxing day!

                                             The next show is September 20-22,2012
                    There were alot of vendors inside but I just took pictures of the outside of the barn.

                                                                      Going up to the barn

                                                    I love birdhouses and they had  good prices

                                                         What friendly chickens

                                                                    Can you tell I like birdhouses

                                                                     A flag bench

                                                                      I especially liked the big birdhouses

              Inside the barn there were lots of primitive dolls,quilts,garden items and even some rug hooking.


                                                  A glimpse of their home

                                                                    California poppies

                                                               Chickens having a nice day

                                                              I loved this birdhouse

                                                I just had to include baby Jack going to Disneyland
                                                      Aunt Jane is holding him

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage looking Pincushions and Hooked Rugs

 Pincushions are from Renee Plains class that two of the gals took
Stephanie did the little pincushion

  Sorry Bloggers I have not posted anything in the last week I was just plain tired. I loved reading what everyone was doing. I just felt like sleeping beauty wanting to curl under my blanket and sleep. Sometimes you get comfortable staying home so with a nudge from Michele I went to the Country Loft rug hooking group on Tuesday. That’s the group that does everything including rug hooking. It’s been awhile since I have seen the gals and everyone was so sweet. I even got two of the gals who are knitters to get me started on a sock! Thursday I am going out with a friend to a craft show that should be a fun day and Friday I am off to Dee’s to take pictures of her garden. So I am back to my old self shingles gone and so happy they were a mild case. Once again back to my Cow Rug and yes knitting like crazy lately!
Sock Camp is three weeks away! Oh My! 

                                                         I enjoyed Stephanie's color choices

                                                       I loved her rabbit

                                                             Jo Ann's dolls
                                                                           pretty quilt

 Stephanie was busy stitching away

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Misty weekend in Southern California

My constant companions they follow me where ever I go
Maulie and Morris are such funny pals.

Maulie and Morris watched me last weekend plant the berry bush in the back yard
I like shingles on chicken coops on neighbors roofs on sides of houses on dollhouses but not on me.

 O.K I admit it they are painful. At first they were annoying but now they’re down right a pain. Since I have about as much energy as a slow moving turtle I haven’t done much of anything. I did plant my lone berry bush before it started feeling like a bad burn. I started working on an old quilt I had been making adding some more wool rabbits on the purple crazy quilt.

I was using what ever I had to hold the quilt in place while taking the picture

This is a quilt class I took years ago
It's a JoAnn Mullaly pattern
I added some more rabbits

I have been reading as many How to make socks books in a sad attempt to be ready for Sock Camp.
Today is a super rainy day I love it the mist is in the trees and the fog is rolling in .

                                                           My berry Bush last weekend I planted it

                                   This is the weather were having this weekend in Sunny California 
                                               I made the camera zoom to show how misty it is
                                                                        This weekend
                                                                    last weekend

Monday, March 12, 2012

Finally making headway on my Hooked Rug!

Hooking and ripping again but It was necessary.
I like my Pray for Moo Cow rug much better now! .

The rug on the left is the before picture!I didn't like the way the word Pray looked I needed it to stand out better in my hooked rug.
I also took out the orange ground after I hooked it.I decided that I wanted everything to float like my favorite hooker
Magdalena Briner.I also redid the Black angel wings so you could see them better.
So that's why I am so slow.

                         Have you ever looked at a rug your hooking and knew you needed to change it. Here is how my rug is evolving slowly. You can see how much I change my mind when I am trying to make a rug reflect what I like.I love patterns which are worth every penny but it is fun to be like a rug hooker of the past . Hooking about her self and  her rugs reflecting a little of her taste.I so love primitive rug hooking
 I am all that and a bag of chip!
 So In between watching U tube videos of knitting socks to planting my berry bush and redecorating my sewing room I have been a hot mess!I have been gardening a bunch  in my garden this last week.I also have been cutting back ice plant again and starting a small garden in my side yard. Note to gardeners never plant red apple ice plant it grows over everything! Oh also on my Do not plant list!
Morning glories and vinca.I bet I am going to add to the list berries. I did think of that so I  planted them in a contained spot in the middle of  railroad ties.
                        After picture

Just the right top corner to hook and the bottom and I am done!

A couple of nights ago felt like something was hurting my skin on the top layer of my stomach and around my side. I couldn’t see anything but it felt painful to touch  It also felt like the skin underneath the part where it was achy was really numb and spreading!

Such a really odd feeling. I can’t believe my stomach could ever feel numb! Well today I looked at my stomach and there is something that looks like a rash. So something must have bitten me more then once! I wonder if a spider bite can kind of poison you. I kept lifting my shirt showing hubby my stomach. He kept  repeating "I don’t see anything. " Finally I could see those red cluster of bites.I also have them around my back! With a self satisfied “See there is something there it’s not in my head!”

With that hubby looked at it and said “You probably scratched yourself”

                                        I caught some horse riders riding by on a peaceful Sunday
                                                                  Nice day for a ride

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Summers Past Farms in San Diego county and Fairy Gardens

                              Summers Past Farms in Flynn Springs California

                                                         Part of the fairy garden

I have always loved miniature's so today was a happy treat!

Summers Past Farms
   This darling little Fairy garden
is right in the middle of a maze. The maze is just starting to grow since were still in March and just at the beginning of spring. In the Midwest a maze is in a corn field but in Southern California it's a sweet pea maze. 
                                                                    cute steps
                                                                      all the details

                                         The Fairy Garden is right in the middle of the sweet peas
                                                                        fairy garden little people
                                                              sweet pea maze just beginning to get taller

                                           so many blooms
                                                                      a bucket of flowers

                                Garden structures always make a garden interesting to look at

                                         Here is a link to last years Fairy Festival just click