Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentines day Honey Badger

This weekend I was on my own at home hubby had stayed with Megan and I was able to be home this weekend. So what did I do of course I ran to a quilt store on Saturday and bought some more colors to add to my blue and browns stash for my comforter. I also hooked on my Pray for Moo Cow rug and watched The Help. What a good movie! It had humor, drama ,history and so at three o’clock in the morning when I couldn’t sleep. I think the last couple weeks caught up to me at last so I watched The Help and hooked.

                                                       I know it's a mess but it's a work in progress

I never realized how rattled I am these last weeks til I realized when I was visiting Megan that she was in a new hospital.I know she went by ambulance to this new facility but I just thought it was a rehab center. I realized a couple days ago that when I went to the cafeteria and realized that her building is just the physical rehab side of the hospital. I had just thought it was a separate building not the hospital.It's funny how your mind works all I could focus on was the room she was in and the nurses and every one coming in and out  of the room all day and night.The drive home seemed so long and feeling so helpless but praying always.
The hospital is in a beach town that is known for being an artsy type of community.As I would drive I could see the ocean moments before I got there and that would be my moments to see something of beauty during the day.

I have never been so impressed by the mind body total care she has received. Every day she has improved and yesterday she called me and told me that for physical therapy the Pt therapist took the wheel chair along just in case she got tired but they walked across the street and had an ice cream.  My daughter saw a nail shop next door so hubby was given the clearance to go with her again for some more walking PT and get her nails done.

Megan has fought like a honey badger to get home! I am putting on the face of the honey badger today to finish his story of fighting and plugging away when your on fumes.

When my daughter got MS it was bad but this was the worst exasperation! I did not go into all the crisis situations we were in a couple weeks ago but to have her going home and able to walk is miraculous. She was so very very sick. I recall this Japanese woman therapist that would do a therapy called Healing touch that was the only thing that could get her to sleep during the day and out of pain.
My daughter had a field trip one day to the library that overlooks the ocean. Things like going up a step to get in the bus was a challenge knowing what leg to use when going up stairs or down stairs. Simple things we don’t think of. Monday last week was art class where she learned to draw a beautiful apple which helped with her hands.A local artist volunteers his time to teach a class.

Today she called to tell me how her physical therapist took her and my hubby to the beach and to a beautiful garden up the coast. I think it’s been about three weeks since she’s been home.

My Megan has definitely turned the corner. So Tuesday with the help of so many prayers from friends and bloggers Megan is going home to baby and Aunt Jane who lives with them and her hubby. What a happy Valentines Day it will be for all of us.

                                             My wool crazy quilt just keeps on growing
P.S Megan if you read this some day I know you hate me talking about you and MS but I have never been so proud of you,hugs to all Cheri


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cheri ~
Thank you for sharing this with all your blog friends. I am so happy to hear the Megan is doing so much better and will be home on Valentine's Day. I will continue to keep her in my prayers!
Hugs :)

Dog Trot Farm said...

Cheri, what a strong young determined women your daughter is, you must be very proud. I am sending well wishes her way. Love, Love, Love, your rug and your crazy quilt too. Thank you for the kind comments regarding Emma Lou, my late kitty. Sending blessings from Maine, Julie.

acorn hollow said...

First of all your rug is amazing.
I belive in the mind body connection so much and thank god the doctors are starting to also.
They treated my husband a bit like that and the nurses were great. I belive the mind has many more powers than the physical body.
blessing and good wishes to your daughter and her family

Bee Lady said...

You are doing some wonderful rug hooking and quilting. They are so gorgeous and just look so full of passion and inspiration and meaning. Not just a simple pattern drawn by someone else, but they look very personal.

Anyway, about your daughter. I know MS is a devasting thing to have. I was tested for it at one time. I have heard that honey bee stings help with things like arthritis, MS, and other joint pains. I don't know of anyone that has tried it, but I've heard through other beekeepers that some people swear by it. Some beekeepers even have people who purchase bees from them to sting themselves so they can relive pain.
(I might have told you all of that before, but I can't remember and better to have said it twice, than never at all.)

Cindy Bee

Bee Lady said...

I just looked at that quilt again. I want to make one, and I don't have a clue where to start. I wish you lived closer and could come to the Winter Woolen Workshop. You could easily teach a class on this. Maybe you could start a side-blog or something and start us on a crazy quilt. Just one part of it a week or something. Would that be too overwhelming? I really want one. It looks like a life story.

Cindy Bee

Ter'e said...

Spoken like a true Mama. We go thru hell and back with our kids, don't we? No matter what their age. You and Megan are both tough and will make it thru this.

I love your little Pray for Moo Cow Rug. I think all of us should have a "crisis rug" we hook on or a "crisis quilt". That way, when it is finished, we can look back at all the pain and sorrow we poured into this piece of artwork and know, in our hearts, that for the moment - the worst is behind us.

I applaud you've got a great family unit. I'm proud of all of you. It ain't easy!!!! Been there - done that.

Julia said...

Ah, Cheri, what a lovely post today. You have every right to be proud of such a brave daughter. I'm so glad that Megan is coming home to be with baby and that aunt Jane will be thee for her.

I love your crazy quilt and the honey badger perfect.
Pray for Moo Cow is coming along nicely too.

Big hugs and love coming your way. I'm keeping Megan in my prayers. JB

Saundra P said...

Oh Cheri, good news for Megan and I do believe in the power of prayer. I watched Montel on the Dr. Oz show and there are numerous holistic herbs and homemade drinks that have helped him live almost pain free. I forget what day it was but bet if you do a Google search you could find out.

I think both your Pray for Moo cow and your quilt are beautiful. Of course I tell you time and time again how your style makes me happy.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Today I woke to such kind words from my blogger friends. I cannot express how much I felt connected to all of you. Thank you so much for all the prayers and today is the last time I am off to this hospital. Megan sounded positive and a full last day of Physical therapy. Love cheri

Kim said...

Oh, I am so pleased to hear Megan is going home. And how wonderful to hear about the caring people who looked after her these weeks. Its nice to hear a positive healthcare story.
This is indeed a happy Valentines Day for all of you.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

You couldn't ask for a better gift on this special day than your daughter making wonderful progress.
We nurse our children from birth and realizing that one day they will leave the nest it somehow seems reversed when they require our dedicated love once they do.
You are to be commended for your strength, dedication and love.
Have a lovely Valentine's Day Cherie.
Susan x

PS- Miss Maddie sends a special greeting to Maulie too!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks for such kind thoughts,hugs Cheri