Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Raw edge applique

Hundreds of little pieces of fabric

Much like a puzzle of colors Linda made a interesting bird picture for her family room. I am lucky to have smart friends and I am always in awe of what my friends are learning. So when Linda was taking classes in Raw edge appliqué I thought what a lot of steps! But the result was fantastic. You can take any photo or picture and sew hundreds of little pieces to make a beautiful picture much like a painting. In her class she learned all the different steps you need to create your picture.Linda also learned how important color value is.

It turned out really good.
                                                        Different shades of fabric are used
                                              to make her picture

                                        A picture says a thousand words


                                                        Some steps along the way
                                        to making her picture.
This is the picture she started with

                                               You mark all the lines

                                                  Linda used this as a base
                                    to sew the individual pieces of fabric
                                    on the parrot and then the birdfeeder.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's your distractions while Rug Hooking?

                                                                   My distraction

Now I know I am not the only one who is distracted while hooking. First of all I have the greatest intentions of hooking. I am hooking away on my rug either on the couch or my bed when Maulie decides that she has had enough. Last night I was sitting on my bed when she came over and put her paw and her shitzu body on my rug . I had to laugh at her but I still needed to keep working. Have you ever tried to pet a dogs belly and hook at the same time? Nothing gets done! So I had to stop give her some attention and yell to hubby to play with Maulie. It’s the same with the computer when she has had enough she will start to beg and want to sit on my lap. Here is how my Pray for Moo Cow rug is progressing even with my Maulie distractions.

                                            My rug in progress
                                                             yes, that's morning glories
                                                             under my buckets.
                                             What's growing in my garden
                                                       a blanket of petals
                                                 Maulie and I are in the
                                wild back yard looking for
                                our berry patch location
                                                    Under those weeds is where I want to
                                                     plant my berry patch it's
                                                    where my old chicken coop was.
                                                  Geranium patch in my wild back yard
                                           My lavatera continues to grow

Sunday, February 19, 2012

What swirls in my head

What a beautiful day Saturday was I picked up my book called The Assassins Accomplice about Mary Surratt and the plot to kill Abraham Lincoln at the Crest library.Can you tell that I love history! After that I drove down the long hill to the local nursery and got some more milkweed plants for butterfly's.I love this little nursery they have a chocolate lab that greets you as he always saunters up to you with his happy lab face.I came home with my plants and I proceeded to weed and move stuff around my garden since the ground was still moist from a recent rain.  I always change my plans in my garden on how it’s evolving. I had my ipod on as I listened to this interesting pod cast on living and hiking around Scotland. I love story telling! I had such a peaceful day.

Dreams tell you a lot about yourself and last night my dreams were of blueberries and raspberries. I dreamt I was putting in a berry patch. I know nothing about gardening berry bushes. But I had been at the nursery and saw these wooden branch things in a tub of what looked like sawdust that were berry bushes on Saturday. It's funny it must have stuck in my head. When we lived in Wyoming I remember picking I think it was poke berries for jam.

I think if you put in a berry patch you better be sure where your sticking it so I am going to explore more about berry gardening.
Have a peaceful Sunday

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Wool Lady shop in Temecula California

Visiting The Wool Lady Shop

Friday where did this week go? On the way to visit my daughter for a couple of days this week I stopped in Temecula California at a shop I have been wanting to visit. It’s called the Wool Lady and it’s a darling shop with friendly ladies so enjoy the pictures!

                                                              It was a really pretty shop

What I liked is that there is a wide variety of colors of beautiful wools. I found a couple of green wools to go in my Pray for Moo Cow rug. I also saw the beautiful yarns for knitting and lots of floss for stitching your favorite project .It was a great quick stop and was a nice pause in my crazy days.
                                                                       Love this chicken


                                                                        Everything is so organized
Fresh dyed wools

                                                                 Cute bunny


                                                                   wool bolts

                                                                If only I had all those colors!

                                                   I am such a novice wool collector
                                               compared to some of my fellow rug hookers!

 Jack is such a character!
He insists on hanging out on the couch and watching his little
program and he has learned to express himself rather loudly to Nana.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentines day Honey Badger

This weekend I was on my own at home hubby had stayed with Megan and I was able to be home this weekend. So what did I do of course I ran to a quilt store on Saturday and bought some more colors to add to my blue and browns stash for my comforter. I also hooked on my Pray for Moo Cow rug and watched The Help. What a good movie! It had humor, drama ,history and so at three o’clock in the morning when I couldn’t sleep. I think the last couple weeks caught up to me at last so I watched The Help and hooked.

                                                       I know it's a mess but it's a work in progress

I never realized how rattled I am these last weeks til I realized when I was visiting Megan that she was in a new hospital.I know she went by ambulance to this new facility but I just thought it was a rehab center. I realized a couple days ago that when I went to the cafeteria and realized that her building is just the physical rehab side of the hospital. I had just thought it was a separate building not the hospital.It's funny how your mind works all I could focus on was the room she was in and the nurses and every one coming in and out  of the room all day and night.The drive home seemed so long and feeling so helpless but praying always.
The hospital is in a beach town that is known for being an artsy type of community.As I would drive I could see the ocean moments before I got there and that would be my moments to see something of beauty during the day.

I have never been so impressed by the mind body total care she has received. Every day she has improved and yesterday she called me and told me that for physical therapy the Pt therapist took the wheel chair along just in case she got tired but they walked across the street and had an ice cream.  My daughter saw a nail shop next door so hubby was given the clearance to go with her again for some more walking PT and get her nails done.

Megan has fought like a honey badger to get home! I am putting on the face of the honey badger today to finish his story of fighting and plugging away when your on fumes.

When my daughter got MS it was bad but this was the worst exasperation! I did not go into all the crisis situations we were in a couple weeks ago but to have her going home and able to walk is miraculous. She was so very very sick. I recall this Japanese woman therapist that would do a therapy called Healing touch that was the only thing that could get her to sleep during the day and out of pain.
My daughter had a field trip one day to the library that overlooks the ocean. Things like going up a step to get in the bus was a challenge knowing what leg to use when going up stairs or down stairs. Simple things we don’t think of. Monday last week was art class where she learned to draw a beautiful apple which helped with her hands.A local artist volunteers his time to teach a class.

Today she called to tell me how her physical therapist took her and my hubby to the beach and to a beautiful garden up the coast. I think it’s been about three weeks since she’s been home.

My Megan has definitely turned the corner. So Tuesday with the help of so many prayers from friends and bloggers Megan is going home to baby and Aunt Jane who lives with them and her hubby. What a happy Valentines Day it will be for all of us.

                                             My wool crazy quilt just keeps on growing
P.S Megan if you read this some day I know you hate me talking about you and MS but I have never been so proud of you,hugs to all Cheri

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Watching grass grow

                                                                Maulie on patrol


Yesterday was a good day. I left my daughter with a feeling of turning a new page. Hanging around all day at a physical rehabilitation center can be interesting as well as heart wrenching. I am learning about so many disabilities people face and how it’s like watching grass grow one improvement at a time. I met a young woman in the library where I had gone for a little break who had a brain injury. She was a long distance cyclist who had been hit by a car then thrown into another car. She used a walker and told me how she had been in the facility for three months and now she is an outpatient. She explained to me about her brain injuries and how sounds affect her in a negative way. Cerebral auditory processing tests help the doctors find ways to help the brain process sounds better since the brain isn't processing sounds normally.The young woman was so inspiring!
  The good part yesterday was my daughter wanted to go to the gift shop. So its only a hallway away so since I was there I followed her in the walker and she shopped  for baby and I had to laugh that’s a good sign. I was so very proud of Megan yesterday she climbed to the top of the stairway with a help of a cane. Every day you have to improve in physical therapy and insurance companies.The top of the  stairs were the goal of this weeks physical therapy.Those steps were like walking a mile to her! I was always proud of my daughters education and how hard she worked but this was so much sweeter.
Last night was Jacks turn spending the night with Megan so chicken me was alone with Maulie and Morris. I am not sure what was going outside in the yard but I kept hearing things falling over. There must have been an animal of some kind in the yard but I wasn’t going to investigate. Well as I sit here drinking my one cup of coffee I look out my window and think boy I need to find my clippers and cut back my roses. I should have cut them back in January. Hugs and keep us in your prayers my blogger friends. This week the grass was growing better then last week, Cheri
                                                      How my garden is doing in February

                                            I am going to make queen size comforter for our bed
                                              I keep adding blues and browns to my collection

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fight like a Honey badger

Well I got a chance today to be back in my world and so I am enjoying this moment to say ahhh! The sun is out my garden is blooming Maulie is Maulie running after Morris and Megan is still like a Honey badger fighting to walk again.

Men handle things so much tougher I am so proud of my hubby he takes turns with her hubby at night so he can take a break and visit their baby. My Jack is a fix it type of guy so as he is spending the night at the physical rehab facility he managed to fix the wheel chair because the break wasn’t working .I had to laugh. The physical rehab nurse said it would have taken them a week to get it done.

In every circumstance your in no matter how bad it is there is humor between the tears. That’s what keeps us going.

I never knew my wool crazy quilt would be the talk of Jack, Megan and Mike .

Apparently there is a u tube video that’s funny about a Honey badger.

A Honey badger is a fierce little creatures that eats all sorts of things and is constantly ripping up and eating stuff and even if it is bitten by a cobra after a couple of minutes jumps up and starts racing around and foraging like crazy. He’s Fierce!

So my family was laughing saying mom should make a Honey badger wool crazy quilt.

Fight like a honey badger!

So after they showed me the video from Megan’s ipad I went home and I put a Honey badger in my wool crazy quilt. I put it below the honey pot and I sent a picture to Megan it made everyone’s day! They were shocked I actually did it. So Megan’s going to fight like a Honey Badger to get back home to her sweet little baby Jack.

I Miss my blogger friends blogs hopefully I’ll get caught up with your lives this weekend. Keep us in your prayers Hugs Cheri