Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rughooker visits Cabrillo National Monument and the Point Loma Lighthouse

                                     The stairs of the Point Loma Lighthouse

                         Looking down the stairs at the Point Loma Lighthouse                  
                                        my favorite picture.

  I’m back! I have been out of town since Wednesday there were happy paws all over me Maulie of course and Hubby was glad to have everything back to normal as he greeted me early this morning. I wasn’t able to rug hook and I gazed with admiration at how much was getting done on line.

So Saturday I said goodbye to my daughter and her family and hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon.

Here are the pictures I kept promising of the Point Loma Lighthouse sorry it took so long  to post.
I love history and San Diego has so many things to visit and revisiting the Point Loma Lighthouse
was so much fun last weekend.I know alot of my blogger friends on the East coast and Canada have wonderful lighthouses to visit too.

                                       Juan Cabrillo statue looking out where he first saw
                                       San Diego minus millions of people of course

                                                                       San Diego
                                       This is looking back as we walk towards the Lighthouse

I wonder what Cabrillo would think of San Diego now
                                                                   Point Loma Lighthouse
                             This building houses the lenses that were
                             used at the Point Loma Lighthouse
                                                                    What a lense!
I love Museums

                                                         The Coast Guard saved the original lense
                                                            Our Point Loma Lighthouse
                                           Captain Israel and his family were the
                                           last people to live at the Lighthouse
                                               There is glass in front of the rooms so
                                                it's hard to take pictures
                                                                       front room
                                                        Those stairs and rooms were small
                                                                  a little picture of part of a room
                                                I was so busy taking pictures of the room
                                                I wish I had looked at the quilt better.
                                                                        another room

                                               I have no clue who this lady was but
                                              You can see how I am so happy when I got a clear

                                                               Out the door I go to look for whales
                                         Remember it was a Whale watching event .The last pictures
                                        tomorrow I promise. Here is the link to all sorts of information
                                       on Fort Rosecrans and the Point Loma Lighthouse. 


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

that is a beautiful lighthouse..we have one here about 20 minutes away..called point no point..we love walking along that can watch the naval submarines come through there.) have a wonderful rest of your weekend.;)

Saundra said...

I am an east coast girl born and raised. Sure do wish I'd done more touristy trips during the 3 years I lived in California. All the pictures you show are things I've never seen.

For 3 years I lived in San Ramon, the east Bay area. My then favorite places to vist were Carmel, Monterey, Tahoe and San Francisco.

Well, I liked the Cheese Factory and the Danville Hotel for wonderful food. Dang, gonna have to get out my albums and look at the photos ..... I'm liking this walk down memory lane.


Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Saundra, California has so many interesting places. I have been a native Californian born and raised with a brief time in Wyoming. Most people come from other places.I wish there were less people but there is always somewhere to explore.HUgs Cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Cat Nap point no point sounds interesting! Aren't lighthouses beautiful.HUgs Cheri