Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gansey Sweaters in the Night

                             Knitters in faraway places

Every night is a struggle to sleep my head a swirl of thoughts. Prayers for endless loved ones , Things I am going to do in the morning and just a part of getting older.New Years Eve hubby was already in bed snoring away with dayquil knocking him out . So Maulie and I were awake watching New Years Eve and hearing fireworks go off. Unfortunately a fire was started as I read in my Crest E mail last night. I didn't hear anything but a family had a sheriff waking them up on New Years Eve.   They're asking for help in finding who was making all the fireworks go off near their home. Well on to my story.After the fireworks stopped I knew it was time for bed and Hubby was in a dayquil coma of snoring away loudly!So I climbed into bed and put my ipod earplugs in and I was in Scotland. 
 The  pod cast was called
 BBC Radio 4 Coast and Country on Itunes.I love to listen as people describe the Scottish towns and folks
as they go out into the countrysides.Today I listened as I did my dishes as suddenly a large seal was chasing the people in the podcast.I had to laugh!
But last night was a different story to listen to and boy there is nothing like a Scottish brogue.  I used my insomnia to good use to learn something. I listened about Northern Scotland and the Gansey sweater.

I am not a knitter. Just a scarf here and there I am definitely purl challenged. The story of the Gansey and how fishermen would have these wonderful sweaters on as they worked and played. It was a part of the history of their fishing village. They would even be identified if they fell overboard as to what village a fishermen belonged to. This group of ladies in a small village in Scotland is trying not to lose this  knitting history. The Moray Firth Gansey project is alive as these ladies try to encourage the history  of the Gansey Heritage . I am tempted as I hear these stories on my ipod to get a map of Scotland and see where these villages are.
The Scottish brogue is a little hard to understand at time. It almost makes me want to try to get out my wooden needles and finish that scarf I was working on.
The funniest part was when this sweet little lady admitted to sheepishly knitting in bed. The other ladies laughed and it reminded me so much why I Rug Hook. The fellowship of women as they explore their craft and keep it alive for the next generation.The Gansey sweater ladies are so very much like my friends in their wonderful Scotland and my friends laughing talking and sharing ideas thru out this world whether its face to face or over a computer screen. Aren't we all so Lucky to love to work with our hands.


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love Larkrise..I am currently watching the 2nd season through netflix..LOVE IT!!..thats what caught my eye about your blog was the title..and that fact that you have an adorable orange kitty..we have 9..and we had 2 orange ones..very laid back and oh so sweet..hope you are having a wonderful new year so far..I love your rug hooking rugs..they are fantastic..I am hoping to learn and learn needle punch too;)

Bee Lady said...

Hi Cheri,
Well I have been so busy that I've gotten behind in blog reading. I'm sitting here tonight, covered in an afghan I've been working on, off and on all year, trying to finish it before I start anything new. I really like the quilt you made. And it reminded me that I have an unfinished one in the basement I need to get out! Your friends carvings are gorgeous, and so is her garden. It looks so natural. I like your little village/train garden too. It looks like an English countryside, a place to go visit on holiday! I hope you have a wonderful new year. And yes, you had the correct name for the mexican dessert...sopa-something. THanks! Cindy Bee

Larkrise garden girl said...

Welcome aboard! Larkrise is a wonderful show with such great characters. I had never had an Orange cat before and let me tell you what personalities.Morris is such a good old boy even plays with my dog Maulie. How many Cats will let a dog sit on them? Lol Cheri

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Cindy bee, I have been trying to catch up too. It was a busy Christmas season. Stay Happy and Healthy and Have a wonderful New Year! Cheri

Delisa said...

Hi Cheri, what a wonderful post. I have long nights of insomnia too and you described what it is like perfectly. It is such an odd feeling being wide awake while the family and the whole quiet world seems to sleeps around you. I do feel fortunate to be able to work with my hands too. It brings me so much comfort and relaxation. Doing a little something is the best thing when you can't go to sleep too. There is nothing worse than just laying there letting your mind race. I just read an interesting article on Gansey not long ago, their traditions and beautiful work is so inspiring. Have a lovely day ahead! Delisa :)

Larkrise garden girl said...

I am glad you liked the post about gansey and the effort to save the patterns. I am working on a rug with a cow that is giving me trouble. Lol.