Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Jack's quilt

Well this has been a really hard couple of days. I feel like our family is Jonah in the whales belly I wish he  would hurry up and spit us out. This is tough . Megan asked me to make the baby quilt it's done with every knot a prayer. 

                                         It looks wrinkly because it's on the floor

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pray for Moo Cow primitive rug

Yesterday was a day of rain and staying put and hooking. I worked away on my background and once again I was rip and redo. I felt like crying and I am not being dramatic you work away and as I add the background something happens.My flowers get lost my angel’s wings and halo gets lost.Maybe it's the lights in the bedroom. It was eleven o’clock at night and I was still busy.Maulie is getting a little sick of me working away and not giving her belly rubs. I actually call me crazy give her dog massages.I tried taking pictures of my rug and Maulie kept getting in the way so I just took a picture of her. Someone wants attention. I even will have Morris try to sit on my rug while I am hooking.It's nice to be needed by little critters.

The cost of groceries is getting ridiculous and every time I went grocery shopping hubby would wonder what I was buying. I kept getting tired of trying to explain how prices have gone up so he has been going with me as I go from Costco,Henry’s Walmart it’s been great he helps me get groceries and he loads and unloads everything and he drives. Plus it’s been kind of fun being together. So today it was sunny so we got that done and Hubby chopped wood for me. Tomorrow another day of rain is coming and high winds. I am going to enjoy having my fire going and hooking away on my rug.

The wool at the bottom I might use as a hill minus the orange

I named it Pray for Moo Cow. I have a few dairy farmer blogger friends and there are so my calamities that happen to calves so it is my homage to animals and praying.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time to clean up the garden in California

                                                          Gardening feeds my Soul
                                      Whenever I need to clear my thoughts I play in the dirt.

Last night I worked away on my rug hooking. I did a little bit of cutting strips a little bit of adding words in my rug. I am blending three different colors of wool to use in my background.

 This new year I am going back to some classes I had put on hold for about six months. I realize sometimes I need to be in a class to get my projects done. So next week it’s wool Crazy with JoAnn and starting in February it’s The Cheri group. That’s the evening group that works on Cheri Payne patterns plus we make a quilt for Sew for a Cure. I love working on projects it keeps my hand and heart busy.

So today I enjoyed the day in the garden. I was getting rid of plants which were not growing well and planting some other flowers for color. I had made a new border of bricks as I took out the bender board it was a messy garden. . As usual Maulie was my faithful little dog. There’s more to do but since were going to have rain this weekend hopefully some of the dirt will be washed away as we get a winter rain.

                                                Another place where Maulie watches the road
                                                                I need to work on my brick laying
                                                        My iris are are starting to bloom
                                               I need to find clippers and start dead heading

                                            Maulie has a lot on her mind for such a little dog.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hit and miss of the Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego California

I finally have the rest of the pictures to post of the Whale watching day event
at Point Loma Lighthouse in San Diego California.It was alot of fun!
So here are some random pictures as
I round out last weekend of picture taking.

                                 These visitors were looking out at the Pacific Ocean
                                 for a great view to see migrating whales
                                 as they pass by.                              
                                 Binoculars were needed
                                 to see the whales in the distance.


                                    Looking at San Diego from the Point Loma Lighthouse

                                           A military plane landing at North Island

                                                                          Shaws Agave

                                                                    Looking at the Lighthouse

                                The really nice visitor center for the whale watching public

There is a bird on the rock

                                        Fort Rosecrans National cemetery in the distance  

                                                                   Kitchen garden at the lighthouse

                                                                       lighthouse lense

                                                                    whale watchers in San Diego

                                                                       Having fun exploring Tidepools

                                                                  Pacific ocean in Point Loma


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rughooker visits Cabrillo National Monument and the Point Loma Lighthouse

                                     The stairs of the Point Loma Lighthouse

                         Looking down the stairs at the Point Loma Lighthouse                  
                                        my favorite picture.

  I’m back! I have been out of town since Wednesday there were happy paws all over me Maulie of course and Hubby was glad to have everything back to normal as he greeted me early this morning. I wasn’t able to rug hook and I gazed with admiration at how much was getting done on line.

So Saturday I said goodbye to my daughter and her family and hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon.

Here are the pictures I kept promising of the Point Loma Lighthouse sorry it took so long  to post.
I love history and San Diego has so many things to visit and revisiting the Point Loma Lighthouse
was so much fun last weekend.I know alot of my blogger friends on the East coast and Canada have wonderful lighthouses to visit too.

                                       Juan Cabrillo statue looking out where he first saw
                                       San Diego minus millions of people of course

                                                                       San Diego
                                       This is looking back as we walk towards the Lighthouse

I wonder what Cabrillo would think of San Diego now
                                                                   Point Loma Lighthouse
                             This building houses the lenses that were
                             used at the Point Loma Lighthouse
                                                                    What a lense!
I love Museums

                                                         The Coast Guard saved the original lense
                                                            Our Point Loma Lighthouse
                                           Captain Israel and his family were the
                                           last people to live at the Lighthouse
                                               There is glass in front of the rooms so
                                                it's hard to take pictures
                                                                       front room
                                                        Those stairs and rooms were small
                                                                  a little picture of part of a room
                                                I was so busy taking pictures of the room
                                                I wish I had looked at the quilt better.
                                                                        another room

                                               I have no clue who this lady was but
                                              You can see how I am so happy when I got a clear

                                                               Out the door I go to look for whales
                                         Remember it was a Whale watching event .The last pictures
                                        tomorrow I promise. Here is the link to all sorts of information
                                       on Fort Rosecrans and the Point Loma Lighthouse. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rug Hooking Tuesday at Country Loft

Tuesday it’s Rug hooking group at the Country Loft in La Mesa.

Maulie needed a hair cut so I dropped her off at the groomer and went to see what the ladies were working on. This is the Rug hooking group that does other projects so it seems like one big show and tell .

                                                        Stephanie found this old doll
                                                Isn't she great!

                                                            Her head is hard
                                                            One arm was replaced

                                                          poor doll toes                                                     
                                                           An old photograph I think on tin
                                          I put the picture on the trunk to get a good picture of it
                                                  without the glare.Stephanie brought this in.


                                                      Cheri Payne quilt

                                                This quilt is so pretty This is just a part of it
 I am not sure if this is a block of the month or not

       love these blues

This is a part of a quilt that Janice just finished
This is all handwork
What Pam is working on

Finally Maulie new hair do isn't she cute!

My worry stone

These bows will be gone in a couple days.LOL
It's hard taking animal pictures.