Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa's,Snowmen and Hobo Quilters

                                                        Some of Bev's Santa's

A group of Santa's with lots of happy Christmas memories at Bev's home today   
I am staring at my chapped hands and realizing I need to put some hand lotion on those sore puppies. So I grab the Burt's Bee Balm and rub some lotion until they finally feel a little better.

 I have been busy painting garden railroad buildings and I have been also trying to lighten

 a harsh black wool and dull it out for a rug hooking project I am working on. Dipping my hands in the warm wool and checking if the Tide water is draining out some of the color wasn't such a hot idea. I didn’t want the water to get too hot. This is a quick way to seep out color that is too bright on wools. I then drain the soapy wool in warm water.I don't want to felt it. Bev suggested using Arm and Hammer Super washing soda for the same effect so I am going to try that next time.
 I have started to put up my Christmas and have enjoyed nice fires as I have the wood burning stove burning away at night.There have been lots of frost warning but so far my Meyer lemon tree is doing fine.
 I am such a homebody I really love being home working on projects and just appreciating my simple life.I am so looking forward to chicks in the spring.

This week I went to my Wednesday Hobo Quilt class and two classmates finished their Hobo quilts.

 Ricky's Hobo quilt

 Our Australian Jenny finished this one you can't see her she's holding it.
That's Donna on the right she is such a fun teacher.

We also had a potluck and we will finish out the class in January. I am still working away on  my blocks but they will have to wait until after Christmas. Donna our teacher gave us a little needle keeper project with all the supplies to make this cute little needle holder.  Beth gave everyone a Christmas gift.I picked out a snowman.

 Needless to say I goofed off . I was tired from running around all week and I was just happy to listen to all the ladies and laugh.

   Basted and now the quilting begins on Jenny's quilt.I watched all evening as Jenny basted her quilt
This morning I was off to do some rug hooking and get some advice on color on a project I am doing. Well I can’t show you yet but I like it. We sat and hooked and I can’t tell how much we all laughed . Bev put on some opera we watched the hawks fly by and I hooked a border. Janet had been to the symphony which got us talking about what kind of music we like and the next thing you know we have the music blaring.I am starting to realize there is a lot of classical music in movies I have watched over the years. Bev sat there going thru the box of music like a D J and for some reason we thought that was funny (you would have to be there) I love different types of music but my favorite is bluegrass My girlfriend from the Midwest sent me a cute snowman for one of my little Christmas trees she got it at a Amish shop.

I l like how this week turned out it started out missing past Christmas's and family and then it got better.I took my own advice.Lol. I feel like I am having a bunch of little Christmas’s laughing with friends having sparkling cider and I think I really like listening to music when we hook it makes it more festive.What is it about bubbles in cider that makes you feel your having a party!
                                                            The view as we hooked


Saundra said...

Oh what a heavenly view. I would be hard pressed to pull my eyes away from the view long enough to pull many loops.

Love the Hobo quilts.... all of them.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Saundra, I am working away on a project and it was neat to sit and see the hawks fly so close to the window. Cheri

acorn hollow said...

I love the santas so sweet. The hobo quilt is fun. and who could not enjoy the day when looking at the view.

Larkrise garden girl said...

It was so pretty!

Sassafras and Winterberry said...

Golly, I love those hobo quilts...again, I wish I quilted better!! Your time hooking sounded so wonderful! What a pleasure to have a sweet group with which to hook! Have a lovely weekend.

Julia said...

The view from your Hook-in is simply beautiful.

I'm anxious to see your Hobo quilt finished. There's a lot of work that goes into making a quilt but when it's done you will be so pleased with your efforts.

Having a group of friends to share laughter is so very important. It's amazing how fast it can make the time fly.
I love your Santa collection.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, The Santa's are Bevs I took pics of them when I was at her home. I finished the Baby Stocking today!yipee! Cheri

annie said...

Beautiful photos, I love the quilts and Santas! That's a fabulous view!