Friday, December 30, 2011

Morris and Maulie today

                                                       I love this gift from my friend

New Years is this weekend for some reason I just don’t get into it. I usually go to bed and yet know I’ll be awakened by someone letting off fireworks or something. Today was a day of just cleaning and making sure I got all the decorations picked up around the house .  I got all the Christmas plastic bins on the patio so hubby could put them in the garage.I am trying to figure out how to edit my camera.Have you noticed how many attachments there are to all your electronics to hook up to your computer.I have a hard time keeping track of what goes with what. Awww! Still  playing with my camera  here are some pics of my favorite animals.
                                                    How I have been feeling all week!

                                                               I sure love Morry Roamer !!


Morris on the move

                                                                  Time to get moving again

                                         This is Maulie's favorite place to watch people walk by.
She has made a little path 

I forgot to put the snowman and Christmas tree away!

Time to get back to working on my garden railroad this weekend
I have another building to fix and repaint

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

There is still a little bit of Santa left in Janet's Home

                                            What a wonderful time with friends today!
                                                                 Janet's Santa's

I still have a little more Christmas left in me. Today I met with some friends for a quick rug hooking catch up and to take some pictures of Janet’s Christmas decorations. I had forgotten my camera before Christmas

and now was a great time to try out my new camera. There is nothing like a Christmas present where you like it when you get it but once you start using it your totally enjoying the present all over again. It’s a Canon Power Shot it’s light weight and it is something I can carry in my purse for quick pictures! Janet's home was still decorated for Christmas and what better fun then to point and click!
 Janet's Kitchen is so pretty

 little logs

                                            We were trying to decide where to hang her rug

                                                                 Many different faces for Santa

                                                          Three days after Christmas in California

                                                        Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!

So cozy!

                                                   I love the color of this piece
                                                      of furniture at Christmas 


Monday, December 26, 2011

A Baby's first Christmas

 My First Christmas Eve
What a quick few days. Christmas Eve we went to spend the night with my only child and her family. We left Morris in the house packed all the presents and Maulie and took the hour and a half drive to her home. It was a nice Christmas Eve with Baby having his first Christmas and the new parents taking pictures like crazy video taping everything that moved. It was so funny. Megan loved my Sheep rug and I loved the new PowerPoint camera that will make it easier for me to take pictures. Thank you Megan and Mike. It was a fun evening and Christmas just as special.

                                                            Santa couldn't make it down the chimney

                                                    This Santa seems familiar

  Oh did I tell you  Jack can crawl only backwards . Lol Jack looks like a stink bug behind in the air and just stuck in reverse. Lol

   little sheep before it got wrapped up

  Jack likes the elephants ear!
                                                        (my rug hooker friend Jane knitted it )

                                                            Sick hubby under the quilt

 Today Hubby has a bad cold and is under a comforter I made. I made hubby's quilt quick for me! I just put cotton squares together and sewed away. Maulie my little shitzu was a great help as I tried to put the right sides of the quilt together she would jump on top of it.It made me laugh when she would do that so I had to put a baby gate to keep her out of the front room. 

It’s not the best looking quilt but it is comfy next to you and my hubby was so shocked I made something so big and plus it was his first quilt! I wrapped it up in a bigger quilt and told him it was for the baby. He had no clue. I had to laugh he had been grumpy he apologized when he realized the house was looking like a disaster scene because I was busy all day making a queen size quilt in two weeks besides the sheep rug. I think he thought I was constantly going to Christmas get together and that is why everything was falling behind.

 Opening presents was exhausting!
I am proud of myself. Let see what I finished in the last month a queen size quilt, a Baby stocking and a sheep rug. I was so busy that it will be nice to start back to my old projects I was working on and yes I am cleaning my house today and doing laundry and it feels wonderful.
                                                             Love Joy Hope

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dorothy the Lady Woodcarver a Christmas Tale

                                                       A Christmas Tale

Once upon a time there lived in the middle of a city a magical place where a woodcarver lived. You would never know a Lady woodcarver lived there until you saw the open gate. Now every now and then this gate was left open for a primitive rug hooker to find her way to the lady woodcarvers home. The funny primitive rughooker wondered what was happening in the woodcarvers home at Christmas time.

                                                               A little piece of heaven in a home

  As the funny little rug hooker walked in the yard holding her finished rug tight ready to show her rolled up sheep rug to Dorothy she noticed the subtle changes in Dorothy the woodcarvers yard .December rains had made every plant glisten and shine. There might not be snow in this woodcarvers home at Christmas but there was a crispness in the air and a feeling of Christmas Eve soon.
The home and Dorothy were ready for Christmas and the many visitors that would walk thru the gate during this Christmas Season.
                                                                      Knock knock

Dorothy welcomes her hooker friend to share a cup of hot tea and listen to soft music while munching on cookies. Follow this rug hooker as she visits a friend who opens the door to many friends and family with a smile and a laugh and leads you to a truly special home that has you sitting sharing ideas and friendship through out the year.
Dorothy carved these wonderful Angels 

Little Angel Dolls Dorothy made

Dorothy decorates simply with little subtle changes of greens
and oh yes she does love to keep her pumpkins!

                                                               Another sweet carving she made

                                                                       Old jug
                                                        a part of a friends sampler
                                               Dorothy made the log cabin but
                                               this carving is a carving she bought
                                                           A sled full of greens
                             old german sheep

                                                            A folk art pig

 Donna a friend made this sampler 
I hope you enjoyed a Lady woodcarvers Christmas.

 A Christmas home is  magical
and special whenever you express with your own hands
and heart pieces of yourself.