Saturday, November 19, 2011


Every now and then even the blind squirrel  finds an acorn

Today Hubby and I have been busy reorganizing the room for a book shelf to fit in the front room.
I needed a bigger bookshelf for all my books that I know someday I will read.I couldn't stand it and I remembered  there is a bookcase in the old garage.I sure love my Rug Hooking Magazines,Early American Life ,Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine .I save my magazines for ideas and love revisiting them whenever I feel like I need some inspiration.
I needed a little organization I hate to say.
So Hubby brought in from the garage the book shelf his Dad had made many years ago and while he was doing that I almost dropped the computer! ! I was moving the computer desk and it leaned over and I caught it before it fell. Shortly after that  the monitor was not showing a clear picture. Then the computer started making a beeping sound that would not shut up! It reminded me of a crying baby that won't stop no matter what you do.It was coming from the computer without the speakers being on very weird.I unplugged all the cables and then reattached everything. Now the dumb keyboard and mouse were not lighting up .  Unhappily I thought a trip to the computer store was looming over my head.Well Jack suggested opening it up and I thought he is good at fixing things.
  Jack took it apart opened the computer dusted the inside which was dusty.Really dusty! He checked for loose connections and wires.Then he put it back together. I think he unplugged the motherboard too.  I mentioned to him "Well you could try it one more time!" He replugged in all the cables I couldn’t believe  when heavens to Betsy it worked. There was no beeping noise from the computer.We both were dumbfounded. I was so relieved I couldn’t imagine if I had lost my blog and everything on my computer. He has no idea why it worked but this squirrel will be happy with her good luck. That's my Saturday were suppose to have rain coming Sunday.I am happy to say my firewood is all cut up and I am going to have a nice warm Sunday with a fire going all day.


Julia said...

Wow Cheri, how lucky for you that the computer didn't fell to the floor. Now your computer is all cleaned and dusted you can dust that book shelf and organize your books.
I'm waiting fora photo of the book shelf.

Have a great week. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, How are those famous calves? I'll take a picture. It's more function then beauty.Check back in a little bit and I'll add it to my post. Cheri

Dog Trot Farm said...

Oh, I am glad to hear your husband was able to fix your computer, they are such testy creatures! I too keep magazines. I have Country Home and Country Living dating back to the late seventies. My current favorites are A Simple Life and Hobby Farm and Hobby Home. I just cannot bare to throw them away or recycle them, someday I just know I will need an idea or recipe from one of them. Our wood is almost stacked! not my favorite outdoor activity. Greetings from Maine, Julie.

Kim said...

Lucky. That could have been a pricey dropsy. I'm always scared that's going to happen when i move stuff around.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julie, The front room is toasty warm today. I Love simple Life too!
Hi Kim,I thought I could just slide the table OOps!
I am working on the baby stocking today. Perfect day to work on it.Cheri

Julia said...

Your book shelf looks perfect to me.

I have so many books that I've accumulated over the years and I still buy some. Some were given to me by friends.

I can't fit them all in the library shelves in my husband's den. I have some on a small shelf unit in the hall and some more on a shelf in my bedroom closet and even in the office.

I've given boxes away and still have so many that I'm having difficulty finding the ones I'm looking for. I need a library system. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, I love books. I have another bookshelf in the bedroom.I try to put craft books in one section and my favorite magazines in a group.Also I put How to Craft books together. Then paperbacks together.Cheri