Sunday, November 27, 2011

Southern California gardener working away this Thanksgiving weekend

The weather has been mild and the gardening bug has it me. Now most people show on their blogs the great pics of their yard after they have worked on it and are sitting in an easy chair with a couple of aspirins in their tummy. Well not me the good the bad and the ugly. I want you to know how hard I have been working. I should have had some aspirins before I started !!
I can't believe how many people were having a nice day walking their dogs and seeing my mess. There was this sweet older man who was using his walker and he had his whole
family walking with him encouraging him.He stopped to rest for a scond and see what I was doing.There is nothing like working on your front yard garden to get your neighbors to wave and smile.Even if you don't know them.

I had a nice neighbor lady around the corner from me a couple days ago walk by my house while walking her dog. I was  weeding closer to my deck and so she couldn't see me.
Barbara  said to me "Cheri I know your in there , I just wanted to tell you I love your back in Crest"
(Barbara also has chickens ) That sure made me feel good!

Yesterday I spent the whole day working on ice plant that was going up my front yard fence. I want to be able to see my fence and not the ice plant  that is weighing down the fence and causing it to buckle.

I don't like the eucalyptus next to the fence and  they're on my list to go!
at least cut to the top rail of the fence. Then they can be a little privacy screen.

Living on a dirt road that get pot holes everyone throws the ice plant or leaves in the road and in a couple of days it’s flattened and the road stays flat. So I would toss over the ice plant that was heavy then rake it onto the road.

I have a good chunk of ice plant off the fence and I  know this week I’ll be able to get the rest of the ice plant off the fence.
Why is it that I can only grow the plants that are annoying they thrive but the others it's me against nature.

 Do you know how thick heavy wet ice plant is?

I also started putting used bricks for borders. I came in to tell hubby about I was doing and he said usually you put sand down . Well I just wanted a quick border and this is fine. A little uneven but I will let it settle a little bit and then move the bricks around.

Southern California is a Mediterranean climate and so we get mild winters so to me this is kind of like spring . We don’t get snow for Christmas which would be nice and to us a rainy day or a cool day for Christmas is as close as we’ll get. Today it feels like a Santa Ana because it’s warm and the wind is blowing like crazy!

 My action shot I think there are chickens in the house across the park
from me.
 I tried taking pictures to show you how hard the wind was blowing but my camera I guess can’t do action shots.

                                                      That's a climbing rose behind my daisy plant.

                                                        This is what ice plant looks like

The door just blew open again as I am writing this post.

Back to work. Cheri


Rugs and Pugs said...

Cheri ~
What's an ice plant? So it's not just Ohio that gets pot!
Cool gardens.
Hugs ;)

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Lauren, Ice plant is a common succulent used in southern california gardens . It's squishy and would probably freeze where you live.It's a common groundcover.

Kim said...

So, Lauren asked my question. It looks kind of pretty. And I think potholes are universal. Just imagine the mess of them after winter freeze and thaw.

Larkrise garden girl said...

This iceplant is pretty but it takes over and just looks like a big lump.Lol