Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lark Rise to Candleford my favorite show is back again!

Lark Rise to Candleford is back on PBS 
 Laura tells the story as she navigates between the two towns.

When I first started my blog I had been watching Lark Rise to Candleford on the T.V. This wonderful show told the stories of two communities in England . The 19th century is alive once again with a history lesson of that time in England with Laura's story.
 This program is rich with characters that make you laugh and cry at the events of their lives.The show leaves you with such  a warm feeling. If ever you want a T.V show that makes you wish for another era this is for you. I am so glad they're showing reruns on Sunday nights again.

Lark Rise is one town and Candleford is another town and Laura is the young girl who tells the stories of these people as she delivers the mail between the two communities. My favorite person is Dorcas a little bit of a busy body. I also love Thomas Brown's character that is funny in his bible thumping zeal. You can't help but love him.
This is an adaptation of the books by Flora Thompson I love this show and even though it was cancelled It was beloved by many like me.If you can't find it on the T.V you can see the episodes on u tube.I know someone else besides me can appreciate this wonderful show.

Friday I was hooking all day on one of my rugs and had such a nice time at a friends. We hooked away and since I had no animals distracting me I got a lot done. Today it has been drizzling all day so it's Christmas stocking time. All day as the rain pounded against the window I sewed one sequin at a time on Baby Jacks stocking.

Thank goodness for the rain I kept the fire going and just sewed by hand the Christmas stocking's little sequins which goes so slowly!I sewed the beads on the Train wheels that took forever! I hand sewed the sequins on the tree and even my husband was shocked how long it takes. My hands are not clumsy hands but it’s extremely hard to hold these little beads and sequins and sew them!
It's hard keeping a family tradition of Christmas stocking for new family members using beads and sequins that have the look of the 1950's.


Dog Trot Farm said...

I certainly am going to check "Lakerise to Candleford" out, sounds like a wonderful program. In my opinion there is nothing worth viewing on television, thank goodness for reruns of Little House, The Waltons and I Love Lucy. Looking forward to seeing a photo of little Jack's Christmas stocking. Enjoy the day, Julie.

Kim said...

I can't wait to see this stocking. It sounds like it will be spectacular and well worth all the fidgety fussing.
I've never seen that show but will look it up. I have a British soap opera I'm addicted to.

Saundra said...

Goodness, you make me want to find out when it is on in my area and DVR it so that I can watch it at my leisure. When I stumbled upon your blog several months ago I did read that you like the show but had no clue what it was about. Thanks for this blurb about the show.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Ladies,I know the first episodes are out on dvd now.When I moved back to Crest from La Mesa which to me was Candleford . I thought that moving back to Crest seemed like larkrise where I see horses walk in front of my house and hear chickens every morning.The stocking is very simple. I'll be glad when it's done.Hugs Cheri

Julia said...

Hi Cheri, The show sounds wonderful but that Christmas stocking sounds even more wonderful. I hope that you will share a picture of it when you're done if it's not TOP Secret. Take care. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, It's not top secret. It's just so well not my style.
I just got back from Fiesta Island with Maulie and Jack. Poor Maulie had a chihuahua try to bite her twice. Besides that Maulie had fun.
Pics tomorrow.Cheri

Bee Lady said...

Hey Larkrise Garden Girl....I didn't know there was a PBS series on Candleford. I was sick last winter, and watched a lot of movies. I found a whole Candleford series at the library and fell in love. I'm trying to find out when it's on. I would LOVE to watch it. I'm with DOg Trot Farm...I still watch The Waltons!

Cindy Bee

Larkrise garden girl said...

In California it's at 6 or7 Sunday evenings. But you can catch it on U tube.There were I think 4 seasons.I like old fashioned G rated movies and shows.Another good show thats on is Hart of Dixie.

Bee Lady said...

Thanks so much for this information. I am going to find it. AND the Hart of Dixie.

Cindy Bee