Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hobo Quilt night

                                                                        First Quilt done by Jonnie

Morris is one crazy cat when he wants my attention he will walk across the phone and make the answering machine turn on or walk across the keyboard of the computer and make it start making noises. So this morning I had to explain to Morris I am busy writing about Hobo Quilt night. Finally I had to put him outside.

This has been such a fun class. This book is definitely for intermediate quilters and so I have struggled a little. Paper piecing is still not my favorite thing but I definitely want to improve so next Hobo quilt class I am going to sew some more blocks so I get it straight in my head how to do it on my own. Having everyone working on different blocks is great because we give each other hints on the block.

 What a cute bag. Kim also took the class

 Kim made the bag
 Beth shared her half square triangles paper. So I am ready to go with the blocks that are made that way. Beth had used this paper when she took this class where you exchanged fabrics and made a cloth tote using half square triangles.
 Beth gave me the names of the blocks
that I can use these two sizes of paper
to make my blocks  get done quick..

The measurements are confusing in the book at times so when you hit a block that your not sure what to do having several heads explain what the author meant helps. Jonnie was the first person to finish! The interesting thing Jonnie did was go to a t shirt printing business and have them print a two blocks out of the book which tell what the signs mean. Jonnie then sewed it in her backing.

All we have to do is take down our two fabric squares and we have the squares all identified in our quilt. Kim shared some of her fabric she is going to use for backing. It had a railroad theme.

                                             I am going to use this on my backing in a corner
As usual Donna was teacher and hostess we had White chicken Chile which was Yummy with soft bread and little dipping veggies’ and ginger snaps. Plus she teaches the class. It was so good! I got the recipe from Donna so if enough of you want the recipe I’ll ask Donna if I can post it.

                                                         Donna is busy with her squares putting her sides on.
                                                         Donna shared stories of  her recent trip to
                                                                 quilt market in Houston .
                                                              What a fun event to go to.
                                             Jonnie did a great job              
       Backing of her quilt

 The Book
I worked on my hand sewing of my wool
applique square and I bought these fabrics
 it reminded
me of tracks.

This has been such a busy week .Tomorrow I have an invite
to rug hooking at Bev's.I want to finish my Turkey rug so I can start my
new rug which will be a sheep.
Hope you all liked the pics.


Nancy in MT said...

Great pictures, and what a great idea for the backing, just flip it over to explain what the quilt blocks mean.

Teresa said...

The quilts are beautiful. I've never tried making a quilt, but I think it would be fun, and so much more with a group of people.

hanna said...

Hi, ich schaue mir gerade ein paar nette Blogs an um mir neue Ideen zu holen. Ich nähe derzeit viel Kinderstoffe und
Patchworkstoffe, macht mir echt viel Spass. Dein Blog gefällt mir sehr gut. Lieben Gruss

Larkrise garden girl said...

Lieben Gruss Hanna ,
I am glad you liked my blog. Have fun sewing!