Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cold Day and crazy nights with a Cat

I am still working on my rug. I have some more left to do. 
I have to rehook the corner.

Our weather changed this morning after a night of working on my Turkey rug hooking I have woken up to running around closing up my yard umbrellas before they fall over and break.It's blustery red flag warnings
  in Southern California.  Were having Santa Ana winds which are going crazy. Santa Ana winds or Devil Winds are warm and hot and cause fire danger .This time they're cold and so I ran to get a sweater.

Last night about one in the morning was the night of Man vs. Mouse ! Mouse is winning. Apparently we have a mouse in house and he is a louse! Living near a field and being up on our hill in Crest wildlife is around us well wildlife got in the house!  We have somehow gotten a highly intelligent mouse that will not get caught . Well the trap was set it went off the mouse got away and hubby was after it. Well it was a tag team effort . I could hear yelling I had shut the door in the bedroom O.K I do not like things that scurry by. Well as Jack called out for Morris for help. Morris just wasn’t in the mood . Jack moved the Hoosier the mouse scurried by and Morris just lay there. I could hear Jacks yells of Morris! Morris! well you know Morris he didn’t feel like it. Here Jack was getting the mouse out for Morris to pounce and well that Orange overfed cat with an attitude did nothing. I could hear the occasional crashes then more sliding movement of furniture next it was refrigerator being moved. More yelling for Morris again Morris laid down to watch the mouse scurry by. Needless to say Morris was in the dog house . I opened the door to peek out hoping it was over and got an earful about Morris well as I looked at Morris sitting in the chair a nonchalant look on his face I laughed. Cats are so funny they do what they want when they want.
Tonight is Hobo quilt night today I am going to cut out pieces for sewing and I’ll be sure and take pictures so you can see how everyone is doing. Have a nice Wednesday!


Courtney said...

Funny cat story! He looks so smug. "Why should I break a sweat?" he asks. "Looks like Dad has it under control."

Farm Girl said...

My cats wouldn't know what to do if one came up and bit them. They have that same smug looks too.
Yes, isn't this Santa Ana yukky. We have tumbleweeds stuck in the fence and it has blown and blown all day.
It is really warm here right now but the dust seems to have stopped.
I do not like Santa Ana winds at all.
I am looking forward to the cool weather that is coming.

Rugs and Pugs said...

I hate when the mice are smarter than I am. I swear, one year I had mensa mice!!!
Have fun at hobo quilt night. I hope you will have pics to share.
Pug hugs :)

Saundra said...

Love your turkey piece, it looks very primitive and just my style. Hey, Morris knows him mum will take good care of him....besides, he's not hungry just now.

acorn hollow said...

I love the turkey cute kitty story.

Julia said...

If you were closer, I could lend you some of my barn kitties. Even the little one are catching mice and even birds I am afraid. The parents show them how and they growl if I even go near. One little kitty was one day short of s weeks old and had a big field mouse and was trying to hide it from me all the time making a growl sound.

To catch mice you have to think like a mouse. They mostly run along the wall so I set two traps along the wall and have caught some in the garage.

I sure hope that your hubby can outsmart the mouse. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Gals , Just got back from Hobo quilt class loads of fun.One lady got her hobo quilt done! That mouse is a mensa mouse! I'll post pics tomorrow. Hugs Cheri