Sunday, October 23, 2011

What would Nancy Drew think?

                                I use to love to read Nancy Drew stories when I was a kid........

 I am still in a mood for a mystery. Call me crazy but I love this time of year the pumpkins at the stores the kids having Halloween carnivals at school and everybody  gearing up for Halloween.

   So are you ready for another story? I didn’t blog last week because I was so busy three days last week I was on the go. So since I have no pictures I can only write about my experiences. So hold on to your popcorn and I’ll tell you another story.

This is a true story like the story of the meow prowler this takes place at my childhood home. When my parents bought their home it was a two bedroom with a pile of kids they decided to do some major room additions and made the home into a two story. The house wasn’t old maybe built in the forties or fifties so I am not sure why there have been odd noises that have been reported by family members thru the years.

It started when the contractor added the second story. There was just this frame of the two story up when my parents heard what sounded like lumber falling. My dad ran up the stairs nothing was up there but the framed second story. Nothing fell but it was a huge sound of crashing lumber. That’s the beginning. As kids grew up and moved out my room became one of the rooms upstairs. I never heard anything in my room. With a house full of brothers I was never scared of anything

I got married moved out and years passed My moms home was like a inn there was always her kids moving in and out.

My daughter moved closer to college and moved into the house and into my old room. The computer was in the family room directly below the upstairs bedroom. That’s when she mentioned the footsteps and the house giving her the creeps.

I never felt the least bit spooked it was a great house to live in. I didn’t know what to think.

One brother whose room was upstairs refused to sleep without the light being on as a child I remembered that I thought that was odd. So years go by my daughter swears the house is haunted and eventually moves out with a roommate.

It’s now 2003 The Cedar fire is raging for three days Jack and I and our two cats and dog are evacuated from our home and were temporarily living at my moms waiting to be allowed up the hill to see if we have a home.

The windy road to Crest is full of burned up electric poles telephone strung across the road all over the place. So I am sleeping on the couch with my dog Indy and my Hubby is sleeping on another couch in the front room. It was October and I just slept where I could watch the T.V for reports to see where the fire was going next.

On the second night I heard it. I was fast asleep and Indy started a low growl which woke me. It was about three in the morning. I heard a distinct sound of someone walking across the bedroom above me to the bathroom. It was not the house settling there was no one upstairs sleeping! I heard what others in my family had mentioned. I didn’t imagine it and I didn’t dream it. They were definite footsteps. The dog is the only reason I heard it because I had never heard her growl like that. The hair on my arms stood up and I was really spooked.
  This is what I don’t understand this is not an old house no history of anything and it seems to have started with the addition. My mom still lives there is not scared of anything and me I wonder how could I live in that room and never hear anything ever during my childhood.

Can a house become haunted ? Later when I would stop in at the house in the day time and my mom wasn’t at home I felt a little spooked. I would look at the steps going upstairs and just wonder how weird that was that night and I never went upstairs alone again unless someone was with me.I wonder what would Nancy think?


Courtney said...

Spooky! I loved Nancy Drew books as a kid too. I miss that reading experience!

Kim said...

Hmmm, that is a little creepy. I wonder....can lumber be haunted?

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Kim and Courtney, I have no idea about lumber being haunted. But the only time I heard those steps was that night, Today I can hear lightening and it's cold and a perfect day to work on my Turkey rug hooking.Cheri

Farm Girl said...

I loved and still love Nancy Drew. I still have my old books.
I have the same problem in my house here. Just today, I thought my son was coming down the stairs and I waited for him because I heard the sound of someone coming down and it wasn't anyone.
This house is only 10 years old.
My kids complain about it all of the time.
So I do wonder what could it be I just don't know but something is there.
Great story

Julia said...

Cheri, you reminded me of a story told to me by my dad. I wasn't born yet when this happened.

My dad had just moved in his new house even though it wasn't finished. They never locked their doors in those days. He was in bed with my mom when he heard footsteps going upstairs. He got up and since there was no electricity in those days, he lit his lighter in the staircase and a big rat jump on him. He screamed and got a good fright but thankful that he had solved the mysterious sound that sounded just like a person walking down the steps.It wasn't a ghost nor a two legged intruder.

Larkrise garden girl said...

That was a good story i would have freaked. Since the floor upstairs where I heard the steps walking across the room is carpeted it would have to be a six foot rat.Lol

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Farm girl, That is so strange.There is something going on!I too loved Nancy Drew.Cheri