Sunday, October 9, 2011

A pumpkin story for fall

                                     My one pumpkin I grew this year

Mishaps at cooking or My Oh My Pumpkin Pie!

This week I read about Kim a fellow bloggers mishap of cooking her first turkey.  Well I remember yes way back when we lived in Wyoming in the 70’s and the first time I made a pumpkin pie from scratch. One of the nice things I can say about the home we lived in was the great soil and wonderful lilac bushes. The first year we lived there the grocery stores ran out of pumpkins so I was determined to grow a pumpkin so I would not be upset in the fall. Fall isn’t Fall without a pumpkin or two. I ended up with thirteen pumpkins and that was with a little plot of a garden! I was so happy so come October before the frost got my beautiful  pumpkins
 It can't even sit up!
 I picked them all . Now the exciting part making a pumpkin pie from scratch  I was going to use no can for my pie!   So I cut open my pumpkin and started scooping the bottom of the pumpkin thinking to myself  it doesn’t look like this when I buy a can of pumpkin at the store.So another pumpkin was opened up scooped and still another. I think I went thru most of my pumpkins.(I did make the pie crust from scratch) I looked at the pie pan and just thought well it’s going to rise when I put it in the oven. Oh yes I was that naive. I had been working all my young married life and didn’t have a clue how to bake anything unless it was out of a box.

So as I baked my pumpkin pie I was little disappointed when it was done and it had not risen. I told my husband and one of my new friends in Wyoming and they both couldn’t believe how I had made this pumpkin pie using pumpkin guts essentially. Everybody had a laugh and I was a little embarrassed so today I am harvesting my one pumpkin and thinking back at a young new mother who once had a garden with thirteen beautiful pumpkins and this year this is as good as I got for a pumpkin. Happy Sunday

 So sad!

                                My pumpkin is a Charlie Brown Pumpkin

 Wow that's some story Nana!



Julia said...

Oh Cheri, I love your humorous post today but I beg to differ, you got two cute pumpkins. What a precious picture of Baby Jack. I love the caption under his photo. It made my day. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia,Your so sweet! Baby Jack visited yesterday and I caught this cute pic. I am glad you got a chuckle. I am off to get planter mix today. Hugs Cheri

Rugs and Pugs said...

Cheri ~
LOVE that pick of Baby Jack!!!
I love your pumpkin, too. Who wants a perfect one? If you want perfection, get a fake one from the craft!
Pug hugs :)

Kim said...

OMG. That is funny. I guess we have all had a few cooking disasters in our youth. That is a cute sideways pumpkin. Love the expression on baby Jack's face :)

Farm Girl said...

I just think it was weird weather. I got pumpkins but not as many as I expected nor as big as I thought they should have been. Your pumpkin has really nice color.
I loved your story of making your pumpkin pie. That is just precious. I tried it one of the first years I was married, only I didn't blend it long enough and it had chunks of pumpkin not very good. We didn't eat pumpkin for a long time. :)
Oh the things we had to learn, it makes me laugh.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Thanks gals for the nice comments.I just got back from the plant nursery and the library.I think its stem got pinched so it didn't get enough water.I hope everyone is having a lazy day! Cheri

Courtney said...

Love Baby Jack's comment! That is some story! You are too funny!

Larkrise garden girl said...

What a nut I was! I just had never made a pumpkin pie except from a can. Lol