Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My scary Tale

                                                  I needed a scary lady to tell my scary story    

 Today as I read my blogger friend Julia’s blog about intuition I thought of how many times you listen to your inner gut feeling. I try to listen to my intuition and it’s helped me in some situations. I was thinking of scary stories of Halloween and thought this might do the trick.

This is mine. Well sometimes Life experiences can be more scary then a Halloween tale. It was in the Fall about this time of year. When I was a little girl we lived in a very nice two story house with an orchard in the back yard. It was lovely. There was a house behind us with a vacant lot and a small little alley street that went up to some homes and large fields that lead to a chicken ranch and a nursery.. Our neighborhood was considered a nice neighborhood typical 1950’s America. In those days you never locked your doors. Well as the scary story unfolds. I was about eight or nine loved animals and wore these thick black rimmed glasses. I was blind as a bat without them. Everything looked blurry to me if I didn‘t have them on..

I loved my calico cat Scocia and one morning about four thirty I heard her crying, I didn’t bother putting my glasses on I was tired and just went out my bedroom door near my parents room to the family room door. The cat kept crying so I opened the door and went outside. Here I was in my long old fashioned night gown calling the cat which I couldn’t see. It was a semi dark morning dewy morning and just before the sun comes out. No calico cat! I walked towards the beginning of the orchard it kept meowing but wouldn’t come over to me. .

Well I didn’t have my glasses on I still couldn’t see the shape of the cat and just kept going closer to the orchard with the picket fence which divided the back yard from the fruit tree orchard. There was an arbor that I stopped at and kept calling but the cat didn’t get any closer. I went back inside the house and back in bed and fell asleep.

I didn’t tell anyone and forgot about it until the next night the same thing happened the cat was crying I walked out in my nightgown

And stopped at the arbor. No cat! But it was sounding so pitiful. But something told me to turn around.

Now were at the third night it happened again the cat meowing I got closer to the arbor almost going into the orchard when I stood at the arbor gate and this sounds crazy but I thought that I was close to the cat by the shape. I saw a dark shape thought it was the cat and kept calling the cat for about four minutes and turned around because something told me to not go past the old arbor.. Like I said I am blind as a bat! I can’t see far away and I was half asleep going out the door each time without my glasses.

Well that was the third time I had gotten up right before the sun was up.

The next day my brothers came down from their bedrooms which were up stairs and said . Who was the man  meowing  in our backyard?. I looked at them shocked and told my parents how I had been going outside looking for my cat.

I get shivers just thinking about how lucky I was. Three nights I was outside almost into the orchard. My brothers saw the man and went back to sleep. They couldn’t see me because of the patio cover. They had no idea I was outside walking closer into the orchard. This man must have hopped the back picket fence and from what my brothers were saying was crouched next to my Dads shed making the cat sounds. I remember the lecture to this day and the realization that not all Halloween stories need made up monsters.To this very day when Morris makes noises at the window at night wanting in I wonder is it Morris?


acorn hollow said...

that is scary! you are lucky he didn't just jump up and grab you.

Kim said...

That is just creepy. I have goosebumps up my arms

Jacqueline said...

Oh geez.. your story made my hair stand on end.

chasing lightning bugs said...

what a story....scary and creepy and skin crawly. and thankfully it ended well.

Barefoot Primitives said...

Holy cow that does give ya the shivers! Blessings
~ Debbie

Larkrise garden girl said...

I told you I was telling a scary story!Lol I had an angel looking out for me those three mornings.I don't know why I would stop at the arbor each time but I am glad I did. Cheri

Julia said...

Wow, Cheri, I had goose bumps too all through the story. I'm so glad that you listened to your intuition to turn back and that your brother talked about this man meowing like your cat.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julia, Your intuition story got me thinking and I tried to remember when I first had a intuition about something. I was having goose bumps reading about your day! Cheri

Farm Girl said...

Wow why would a man do that if not for evil. Gosh I am so glad that you listened to your intuition rather than going after you cat.
Life was like that when we were growing up, sometimes good and sometimes just plain ole scary. Did he ever come back?

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Farm girl,Never again but I never went outside again and never heard the meow noises. I was just discussing this topic with friends .Was Life more safer back then or you never heard about bad things happening. I still say I had a Angel on my shoulder. Cheri

Joanne said...

Very very strange - human behavior - Always good to listen to that inner voice - thank goodness you did!