Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's Explore a Early American Fall Home of Dee's

                                   What a wonderful way to open your door with a Pumpkins sign!
                Dee greeted me warmly with a smile.I could hardly wait to see her home again.

If your fortunate enough to meet kind people along your lifes path your a lucky person. I met Dee in our rug hooking group at Country Loft years ago. My first impression I had of Dee was she always had a smile on her face an infectious laugh and a great attitude! Dee's creative artistic eye is stamped all over her home and garden.I always loved when she brought in whatever she was working on at home to our rug hooking group to share.
Some people have the gift of making others feel welcome in their home that would be Dee. With a happy smile and a "Come on in." I was back in another time era for the fall.   What an enchanting glimpse of a way of life that makes your eyes constantly move drawn to see what's around the next corner in this special home.

                                                  Nature is all around her in the middle of the city


                                                     Love her Cross on the tree she made

                                                                    pumpkins she made 

                                                                   little pillows

   Log cabin she made

I am on a quest for more Monarch butterflies in gardens so I brought a Milkweed plant for Dee’s front yard garden. Hopefully next spring she will have Monarchs dancing around her garden.
 So between a nice cup of tea and a almond dessert we had a nice visit and then we were off to see some homes her husband had built on the hill years ago. After that we went to the loft and I bought some milk paint and some applique needles.What a fun full day!  Thanks Dee.                                                

                                   Black Doll

                                                       Sunflowers,Pumpkins and Pomegranites

                                                       Dee's cat rug

                                   What a great mailbox!I love all her pumpkins she has made!

                                                              What a sweet cheerful plant

                                                       Dee's cozy front room

                                                           Dee's been making pin cushions

                                                                         Boo! Boo! Boo!

                                                    .             Part two.....this weekend


Courtney said...

I just love a house and garden tour. What a beautiful place Dee has created there. She is very talented. I love all the bird houses and her cat rug is wonderful!

Raymond Homestead said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait for part 2!

terry said...

Dee's house (home) is wonderful. Thanks to both of you for sharing. Can't wait for part two.


Nancy in MT said...

Oh my, such a wonderful, prim home and so much inspiration. Thanks for the tour.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Nancy, I love getting ideas from my friend. I loved the way she used her logs in her garden, More pics tomorrow.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Lots of interesting garden ideas and inspiration. I love Dee's log cabin, so much to see and take in. What fun, Julie.