Sunday, October 2, 2011

I confess I am a bit of a bookworm

                                                                Little Bookworm me.

I discovered a new author to read!

I am like the book Where’s Waldo? I have been busy this week with housework, making hobo quilt squares. I was also  planting bushes for butterflies going to coffee with a neighbor and today going to Oktoberfest with my cousin. The Oktoberfest in La Mesa was pretty boring it looked like one big commercial booth one after another. Plus we were there early so there was no music . We quickly saw all the booths and then we went to lunch. We weren't done yet after that we stopped at Barnes and noble and drove up this huge hill to look at model homes for fun! Not my style but interesting to see how they're decorated.

.But I had a great discovery this week I found an author that I love!

Laurie R. King and the book The Beekeepers apprentice

I have always loved reading. I think if you’re a reader you can transport yourself to a million places expand your knowledge and experience people’s lives quite different then your own. I am so happy and thankful that I love to read so when I found an author that combined my favorite detective Sherlock Holmes and a new take on his life I was intriqued. Mary Russell is a young apprentice girl of fifteen who becomes Sherlock Holmes Watson. This book has been around for a while but I started reading it and I am mesmerized how someone can write such an interesting tale. The best part it’s a series so I can go back for more Sherlock Holmes and Mary Russell. There is nothing more satisfying then picking up a book at a library or bookstore and it grabbing your full attention from the very beginning. I propose that there are different types of readers in the world. Readers that read a couple of chapters don’t enjoy the book but finish it anyhow because they started it. Or readers that by the second chapter are bored to death can't quite get into the story so toss it to the side and don’t waste their time. That would be me unfortunately.I wonder if I missing out on some great book because of my way of reading? Have you ever read a book that was slow to start and you were glad you didn't give up on the storyline?

I took some photos of my Hobo Quilts I have been working on and some JoAnn stitcheries I did last year. I have to find a place to hang them. I am running out of walls. Lol

                                       I took these pics on hubby's  lazy chair that's why their so wobbly

                                                   Still working on the cat

                                                           This was an easy square

                                 I stuffed this potatoe maybe a little too much

                                                                           Little baby note 
                                                                                     Baby Jack rolled over
                                                                            for the first time.
                                                                                Megan and Hubby
                                                                                     videotaped it and were
                                                                               so excited!


acorn hollow said...

I too like to read but have not read that book. I read the girl with the dragaon tattoo. Everyone said I sould read it. Very slow start I got throuh it but didn't like it. Love your hobo squares.

Courtney said...

The hobo quilt blocks are so fun. I love the Halloween stitchery. I just finished up a Halloween rug and I'm trying to decide where to hang it! Yeah, Baby Jack!

Julia said...

Hi there Cheri, I'm glad that you found something interesting to read. I have way too many books that I haven't read because of lack of spare time and this computer and blogging is partly to blame.

I love your Hobo quilt patches and the beautiful fall colors.

Yeaa for baby Jack for rolling over. It's so much fun seeing those precious little milestones and to have captured it on video is so special because they can share this moment with you.

Have a great week Cheri. Hugs. JB

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Gals, It was so cute how excited they were as young parents. Remember when our kids were that little!
The girl with the dragon tatto sounded interesting but odd. I think the author is swedish. I have some railroad fabric so I am going to put squares with railroad themes between the Hobo Squares.

Dog Trot Farm said...

Today it is raining here in Maine and I wish I had a good book to read. A stop to the library is on my Monday morning "to do" list along with grocery shopping. How exciting Baby Jack is hitting the first of many milestones. Autumn greetings, Julie.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Julie, I wish it was raining in Southern California.I have been reading all day and relaxing.I made some oatmeal cookies for hubby and Iam going to try grilling some yellow tail from my cousins hubby tonight. Cheri

Leontien said...

whoohoo on the baby video... and no not a favorite of the potato one, but i really like the Halloween quilt!

And yes, BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!! hehe


Larkrise garden girl said...

Yes Leontien the potatoe needs help. Lol I have to add the stitchery to make it not such a big potatoe. I like the Halloween quilt too. I have Been saying extra prayers for you!Hugs Cheri

Leontien said...

Thank you Cheri! And i will check out
Thomasina... never heard of it but it has a interesting name! ;-)