Friday, October 7, 2011

An evening of Hobo Quilts at The Country Loft in California

                        Hobo quilt class was as usual full of nice ladies and lots of laughter. Our teacher is so sweet and makes our class a fun enjoyable evening. The storm arrived but it was well worth driving in the rain. I have never had as much fun in quilt,rug hooking or doll classes as the  Country Loft. The added bonus of a class is the knowledge you can get from your fellow classmates.There is always an interesting quilt or two that  someone brings in to share with the group.This months class we had a demonstration on applique.
 The Hobo Quilt  book is good but there are parts that are confusing when assembling the blocks.I was getting a little confused with the rulers while I was cutting yesterday and so I went to a friends house and  had her watch me cut my blocks. Linda saw where I was getting mixed up turning my fabric. Linda gave me a refresher course on snowball she watched me as I made two snowballs for the wheels.I guess the book expects you to know what technique to use.Wow just the little she showed me made my cutting a lot easier!
The book is confusing when you cut the sizes.Be careful to notice sometimes its a length measurement first.I am glad Linda could see where I was getting confused at.

 Enjoy the pictures of the Country Loft as usual it’s decorations for fall are enjoyable to look at.

 Evening at the country loft

 Wool roving

                                 Dmc thread,toilet paper and
                                 paper towels make cute
               I can't help myself checking out the threads tonight

                                              Hobo Square     

                                                The ladies were goofing off sticking
                             the blocks on themselves .

Ways to display your quilt blocks
to the group.

One of the ladies brought this quilt in to share

Another quilt that's a beauty
 More Hobo quilts in progress by my teacher
 I love the primitive style of the country Loft
This is the room you enter when you visit
the door is on the right 

Jo Ann's Mullaly Dolls

A Jo Ann pattern is going to be in the next
 issue of
Primitive Quilts and projects 


Nancy in MT said...

Thanks for the tour, love all the fall decorations. And a glimpse of the prim quilts.

Larkrise garden girl said...

I love primitive I am glad you liked it. Cheri

Dog Trot Farm said...

What a great store. When taking a new class I always find it much more enjoyable when the instructor has a sense of humor and can put her pupils at ease. I have to say I am better off rug hooking, quilting and I never got along! Have a wonderful weekend, Julie.

Saundra said...

Oh MY!!!!! I cannot wait to see the primitive doll pattern in the next issue.

Also must say that I have loved seeing the Hobo quilt pieces and mentioned that to a teacher at a show recently and she knew exactly what I was talking about. She said that one of her students commented on a particular quilt square which suited her on that day. Wish I could remember what word it was....sorry. But was surprised that a school student was aware of the Hobo Quilt meanings.

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Saundra, Sorry its not going to be a doll pattern. Jo Ann does stitcheries and wool applique also so it might be one of those. I was just showing her dolls that she has made. Her patterns are easy to understand.Cheri

annie said...

These are wonderful pictures, I'd love to see the blocks and shop in person!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Hi Annie, I am glad you liked them.Country Loft is like eye candy. LOL Cheri